Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Why Does Time Fly!!? A Little Update on Me :)

Time goes by so fast! It feels like just yesterday I was a new mom juggling three kids under four, working full time, and getting my masters. Somehow in just a blink I now have four beautiful young adults that are still really keeping me on my toes!

Sometimes when I crash late at night after picking up that last wet towel or checking the littlest one for the 4th time to make sure she is still breathing I wonder how I'll do it again. But, I always do! When it comes right down to it I like to be busy. I like to be busy, but I'm left with worries about giving enough hugs or quality time to my littles. They are all so self sufficient that I let the cuddling go or realize we haven't had "special" time in too long.

How do you fit in special time when you are leading the busy life?
How do you slow down and make it happen?

My oldest is 14 and she's ready to hit the road soon with her permit! Crazy! Super responsible and always works hard for the grade. She is crazy about the house being clean. (Which works out great for me lol) She is amazing! Did I mention she is 6 1"? I have to hug my baby and look up. 

Tyler and Sawyer are in the middle. Tyler is my wild red head. He always keeps me on my toes. He is smart as a whip but would never pick up a pencil if I wasn't on him ALWAYS. lol 
Sawyer is always gunning for straight A's. He is my tender heart. Always ready with a hug and is super excited to go dancing at the Mother Son dance. 

This sassy little bunny is Sammy. She is a spitfire and can't wait for Kindergarten. I'm lucky that I get to take her to school with me this fall. She is showing off her fancy nails. She's all about nails, high heals, and lipstick! Of course she wants all of that while running wild keeping up with her brothers. lol 

Then, there is of course my handsome firefighting hubby. As if fighting fires full time isn't enough he does tree removal on the side. Can you say workaholic? :/ Love him and all that he does for us! We were high school sweethearts and have been married for 15 years. Talk about time flying!! 

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