Monday, September 1, 2014

Interactive Notebooks

Summer is coming to a close and that big yellow bus will soon be unloading the littles at our doors. After hours of training, room organization, shopping trips, and planning, I think I'm ready! Here are some things I'm excited about implementing this year:

1. Interactive Notebooks -
I'm excited to be using interactive notebooks this year! I used language and reading interactive notebooks toward the end of last school year. This year I will be adding science notebooks to my plans.   I've been following the Science Penguin all summer on Facebook and I love her enthusiasm and ideas. Her latest post is all about Force and Motion. Click on the link below to check her out!

I love the language and reading interactive notebooks that I used last year! Several of my co-workers are jumping on the wagon with me. I'm excited for them to see how well they work and how much the kids LOVE them! I'm sure you all know about Teaching with Blonde Ambition but if you don't..... GET OVER THERE AND CHECK HER OUT!! :) Click on her link to get to her Teachers Pay Teachers site and grab up her interactive notebooks. They are worth every penny!!!

I have a few tricks for time management and the organization of supplies.

1. I pass out the days notebook pages first thing. They are waiting for the students on their desks when they arrive along with their morning work.
2. Morning work is completed 1st.
They cut out anything that needs cutting before coloring. You will find that some kids LOVE to color!! They love it and they will dawdle at it for waaayyyy too long. So, we cut first then use extra time to color.
3. As we move on from morning work they put their notebook pages in mini folders on their desk to go back to as they finish other work during the day. It's perfect for those early finishers. When notebook time does arrive everything is ready to go. They just grab their folders and notebook and meet me at the carpet.  
4. I remind my perfectionists that they may go back on their own time to make pretty touch ups later. :)

Do any of you have experience with these notebooks? If so what are your tricks? Do you have other notebooks from other sites that you have tried with success?


  1. Hi Julie, I am a retired special ed teacher who loves to keep up with new ideas in education. Once a teacher, always a teacher! Your interactive notebooks sound great, and I am going to check out the other site you mentioned. The only comment I want to make is kind of a silly one, but it has to be said. I was SO happy to read that your third graders love to color! Sadly, at my old district, coloring, cutting, pasting, anything of that kind (even in kindergarten, if you can believe it...) was forbidden. The fact that your students are allowed, on their own time, to "pretty up" their notebooks is wonderful! I think being encouraged to do that will give them a great sense of ownership and pride in their notebooks. I look forward to more of your posts.....I taught third grade for 4 years before I became a resource teacher and I loved it!

  2. I love my math interactive notebook from Bright concepts 4 teaching. It's so fun and the kids look forward to it every day. Hope your week back went well.
    Teaching and Much Moore

  3. Hi Julie,
    You have been on my mind lately. How have you been? Are you back to teaching? I recall you were going to have a little one. I was just checking my stats on Blogger & I looked at my 'All Time' stats, my second highest referral site was your Sqworl of 3rd grade blogs. I remember connecting with you a while ago & I just wanted to see how you are doing!
    The Apple Basket Teacher


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