Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thoughs on Looping Anyone?

I just recently found out that I will probably be looping with my class next year. I'm excited because I love the group I have but nervous because I've never done it before. I want to keep it fresh and fun but stick with the same routines. I know it's almost spring break and we are all very ready. Will being together for two years be like that? I know it will rock to start off the year knowing their strengths and personalities. I know what books they love and what quirks they have. I know we will hit the door running when fall comes and won't have many of the routine hang ups that come with not knowing your students.

Has anyone out there looped and have advise for me? Does looping feel like a wonderful fun ride like the picture above? :)

Better yet does anyone have a parent letter for looping?


  1. My mom looped for a few years and LOVED it! She knew immediately the next year where the kids were, and she loved her class (or made herself love them!) because she was having them for two years. The curriculum at each grade level is so different, so things didn't stagnate. Good luck to you!

  2. I've heard teachers talk about looping and for the most part they love it because the kids know the routines, they know the kids, they know the strengths/weaknesses. And because the kids know the routine, that means more time for learning and less for teaching routine.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. The school that I worked at began looping, but because of a couple of maternity leaves that I took, I never really got to experience it. However, the rest of the staff LOVES it! I have heard that it will add a month of teaching time to your year, just because you don't have to teach routine and procedure all over again, which makes total sense. Good luck!

    Teaching in the Early Years

  4. Hi. I looped with my kids this past year. This is only my second year of teaching, and I have loved it!! It truly depends on the relationship you have with your kids currently, though, because the teacher next door looped, too, and her experience has not been as good. I have loved it because I have created such a strong bond with my kids and parents. The beginning of the year was awesome!! We moved right in to teaching instead of learning precedures. I would recommend it to anyone, but only if you feel your current relationship with your students is a good one. As far as parent letters, we were told to call parents and our school system sent out a letter. Good luck!!

  5. Our school has all split classes, so I keep each grade for two years. It is fantastic having your "experts" come back. They really help get the new ones into routines. It gives you the opportunity to tweak a few routines and procedures, since you know what worked and what didn't. I am always sad to lose them after two years!

    Back Hall Collaborators

  6. I looped up with my class two or three years ago. I LOVED it! (I must say I had an awesome class that year) It was the easiest beginning of year I ever had. Everyone (including parents) knew my expectations, rules,routines, etc. The only draw backs I found is that I had to come up with different rewards and fun activities throughout the year so I wasn't repeating what they did the prior year. Sorry, I don't have the letter because my administration wrote it. Luckily for me everyone agreed to loop up with me (they had a choice not to) otherwise I would be heart broken :)
    GOOD LUCK to you!
    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

  7. I loop with my students. I teach 5th & 6th grade reading/spelling. It is great knowing your students when the year starts. Knowing their levels, interests, and parents. I find it difficult for new students though. Even if it is the start of the year the group has been together with me for a year. So my advice would be to be careful if you have new adds to your group. They will need extra attention to feel like part of the family.



  8. I looped with my current class from 2nd to 3rd grade. For the most part, I have loved it. There is less "training" to do at the beginning of the year. They will already know your routines and procedures. You really will get to start the year off running since you will already know where they are at. I have had a positive experience this year, but I definitely wouldn't have wanted to loop with every class that I've had.

  9. I had the chance to loop with a group. I chose not to. I had a handful of kids that just didn't need to be together again, for them not me! I ended up with 4 of my students from the year before, which was great. My co-blogger Antoinette looped from 4th to 5th. She talks about the positives you mentioned. The main drawback she mentions is that they always ask if she is going to do things like last year. Will they read that book again, or will they have that reward they did last year. She said 4th quarter has made it obvious they are ready to move on. I believe overall, the group of kids matters the most.


  10. I will be dropping down to second grade with the knowledge that I'll be bringing that group up to third (does that make sense?). My whole school is moving to a looping school k/1, 2/3, 4/5 and I have heard all of the positives you mentioned. We have also talked about the parent relationships that develop because of the loop. We have a lot of kids in transition and the teachers that have already started looping have found the number of kids that move decreases. Parents seem to be more interested in finding a way to stay in our school now...


  11. I have always wanted to loop! Let us know how it goes. I would love to develop a strong argument of its benefits. I'm not sure it has ever been done in my district.

    Teaching...My Calling

  12. Thanks for all the positive words and encouragement ladies!! I'm really getting excited!

  13. I've had the opportunity to loop with two different classes. The first time I had been in the classroom as a long term substitute and then was hired for that position the following year. That class was wonderful! The second time was with a very challenging class, lots of behavior issues. It was great because they knew me, my expectations, and how my room "works", and I knew all about them! The down side was that by the middle of that second year together, the behaviors just wore me down. I would love the chance to do it again, but I see my district heading back to that teaching philosophy anytime in the near future. I liked that I knew exactly what they learned in second grade, and we could spend less time reviewing and more time focused on learning at the beginning of the year. Best of luck as you loop next year! It will be a great experience, and the challenges in keeping it fresh won't be as challenging as you think! :)

  14. I looped and LOVED it!!! I would actually loop this year if asked-but I am not going to suggest it because it would require me changing hallways and yuck I just did that two years ago. You will love looping and your kids will be so much further ahead and you will be able to get soooooo much done!!! Best of luck to you : )

  15. I looped this past year from 2nd to 3rd grade and am absolutely loving it. It was such a seamless transition at the beginning of this year...all students were familiar with procedures and expectations. Since I knew my students strengths and weaknesses already, I was able to pull together materials over the summer to differentiate lessons. It's so gratifying to see the growth and maturity that takes place over the course of 2 years too! Even students who were "itches" last year have settled in this year and seem to work harder. Two years with the same kids allows enough time to form lasting relationships with your students too. The hard part now is going to be giving them up at the end of the year! I have a letter that I tweaked from my school administrators but it must be at school. I'd be happy to send it to you if you still want one.

  16. Michele I would love to see it! I meant to send a letter home on Friday but didn't. The letter they gave me to send was so..... to the point. I would love to see another example. Thanks!

  17. I looped a K to 1 class, however it was a REALLY long time ago. :-) I LOVED it and I believe it was very beneficial to my students (and parents). My personal feeling is it always works out if you have a great class. As someone mentioned above, it's the challenging classes that may cause you to go "never again." lol Love your blog...stumbled upon it out blog stalking today. New to blogging...Feel free to come by and grab some freebies and/or enter in my NEW BLOG CELEBRATION giveaway! :-) Best of luck!

  18. I am also planning to loop with my current 3rd grade class. I am excited beacuse I have taught 4th grade for many years and know the curriculum well, and I have a great group of students! I do hope that parents are pleased with how this year went and are willing to keep their kids with me next year. Our administration is sending out a letter and the parents will have the option to opt out if they so choose. Just found your blog and plan to visit often. :)

  19. I have not looped, but one year I moved from K to 1. I was allowed to have a few of the same students again. However, those few were more my choice as my kindergarten group probably was the most challenging group I will ever have. The three students I chose were fabulous and I probably would have taugth them through forth grade if I could of. After that, they would have to move on to someone smarter than me;)! So I guess my point is that I agree with most. It depends on the students!


  20. I looped this past year. At the beginning of the year it was great - I knew my students strengths and weaknesses and they knew what to expect. But like someone mentioned earlier, because this is only my second year of teaching, my management was only so-so the first year. Because of that, I didn't get to have a "fresh start" that I was hoping for and the kids didn't either. Now we are nearing the end of the school year and their behaviors are wearing on me! I, too, have experienced the questions asking whether we will do the same activities as last year and sometimes the "Man, we've already done this!" comments. I love my kids and have really enjoyed getting to know them well, so that part is definitely fun. If you feel confident with your class now (few behavior issues, etc.), then chances are you'll really enjoy the benefits of it! Good luck -- I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes!


  21. I am going to be looping this year also for the first time. I am going from 2nd to 3rd. I am very excited as i have a great relationship with my kids and parents. I am looking forward to the gains that i will be making with my group next year!

  22. I just finished my first loop cycle ever and I LOVED it. Looping with the same kiddos allows you to build very close relationships with your kids and their parents. You learn so much about them that first year and that information only makes the second year with them sweeter and more productive. I didn't send home any letter but dd call all my families to share the good news (some students may be moved to other classrooms depending on what is best for the students).

  23. I just finished a third to fourth loop. It was a great experience for me! Easy beginning of year, knew exactly where we needed to start each skill. Only negative to me was the kids (luckily I only had a few) that began to wear on my nerves (especially towards end of second year), but it was a good "patience-stretching" excercise for me! We made it all year, and I would do it again! Kids really developed a sense of family, and there were loads of positives from that!

  24. Hey Julie,
    I was looking for an example of a letter for looping and this blog post popped up. Did you ever come up with a good letter, my principal was going to do it and then he just came to me and asked if I would do it by tonight!!!! Yea, sure. No problem! If you do have an example, could you send it to me please!!!


    PS...hope all is well!

  25. I am looping this year from second to third. I have an extremely challenging group and felt that their special needs were best met with continuity and an easier transition. I told all of my parents at the second conference in April, told my kids the next day, and just announced at our final awards assembly to the general public what the plan was. We do not send any letter home. It is just celebrated as a fantastic commitment to kids. I am very excited for next year but had several stipulations. I kept my room and only swapped out materials, I kept my professional learning club since I will return to second and I do things with the same spirit and philosophy I taught second. I have taught for 22 years and feel these opportunities keep it fresh for teachers as well.

  26. Hi,
    Last year I taught 3rd grade for the first time with a pretty challenging group of kiddos and this year I will be looping with 12 out my 19 kiddos to 4th grade. This will be my first time teaching 4th grade as well and this year's class is even more challenging. I'm struggling with writing my welcome letter so if you have an example could you please send it my way. I would truly appreciate it.
    Thanks a bunch!


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