Saturday, March 17, 2012

Charts and Posters Everywhere!

I kinda have a thing for chart paper. No, really, I have issues! :) My co-workers tell me I spend way too much time on them. They always tell me to pass them around when I'm done. I know my co-workers are reading right now going, yep! But, since they NEVER comment and only jam to my rockin tunes you probably won't hear this from them. hehe! Love you girls!! 

I love my charts to have color and sass. I have to say I wanted to link up with Ladybugs linky party to show off all the fun charts I've made this year but I didn't know just how to do it. Should I go through  my pics and just put them all on one post to display? Should I link up several times? Hmmm.... Decisions! 

Then, I thought, duh!!!! I keep all my charts along with all the sassy ones I find already organized on Pinterest. Soooooo.... Why don't I just share my Pinterest link? Here is a preview of what you will see if you choose to go check out my charts!

 I have 100 pins just for charts on Pinterest. You should really go take a look! Some of the charts are made by me and many others were found on amazing blogs. I have copied and used many of them this year. I swear it made a huge difference in my teaching!! Remember if you click on the pin you like it will take you to that blog where you can read the entire post it went with. Which means you will not only get charts but lesson ideas and inspiration as well!! You can't beat that!!

You have to promise me you won't make fun of me for being a psycho pinner! Make sure you follow along while you are there!!

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  1. Here is my dilemma with anchor charts... I don't have enough wall space! How do you display them all? I am trying to problem solve for next year. I really have very little wall space. I was thinking about displaying the ones we are focusing on and making copies for the kids Daily 5 Binders. Then they can refer to them there when they are off the walls? Thoughts?

    PS---I don't think you are psycho!

    Lifelong Learning

  2. I don't display them all. I only display what were are currently working on. I hang the ones I love on a hanger with clips in case I need to refer back for review or something. I like to make them with the kids so I always do them over the next year. You could keep pictures of charts and keeps them in mini photo albums in the kids tubs. The kids can grab them out for a reference or you can send a kid to reread one if they are struggling with something. Like - I see you are struggling with sitting in EEKK position for buddy reading. Why don't you go review the EEKK position in your photo albums. I've always said I'm going to do this but I just get too busy.

    I'll think I'll put this in a follow up post.

  3. First..I love pinterst too and am totally addicted!! I recently started to go chart crazy as well because of pinterst :) I too don't have much room but I love the idea of taking pictures and having them available for kids in an ambulm. Genius!! All of those amazing charts on pinterest..I have to wonder if they create them before hand or if the kids sit there and watch nicely as they make all of their beautiful drawings and doodles!

    Teaching in Paradise

  4. Just stumbled across your site!!! It made me smile and giddy with happiness :) So I had to share the feeling, here's a comment to make you smile. Thank you so much!!!!!!

    A little more about me: I'm a single mom of 2 and heading back to school get a degree in Elementary Education and Special Ed. I am so excited to start teaching. I have been subbing for 2 years and found that this is my love. Thank you so much for all your ideas and letting me follow along. If you have any advice you can give a new-by, I would love it!!! Thanks again :)

  5. Thank god you have a pinterest to have for me a chance to view all of your posters. Thank you for sharing it!!

    Labor Posters


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