Friday, April 29, 2011
Type on over to Mrs. Randall's Learning Library!! Kelly is hosting a classroom management linky party!! I'm so excited to say I've already seen some things I can't wait to do next year!

I'll say this has been the year to make or break all management systems! 
I also give out tickets. We work on filling a classroom bucket and then celebrate when it is full. (usually every couple weeks) Each Friday our principal comes around and pulls two tickets and students get to choose a prize from his box or eat lunch with him. They LOVE it!! With the end of school in sight the behaviors have been slipping more and more. On Mon. I decided to have two drawings a day, one before lunch and one at the end of the day. Which ever student was picked got 10 min. with my child's DSi game. They have been wild about it. They are working so hard to get tickets in that bucket. 
I still have numerous behavior problems in class but the tickets take care of my slightly slipping to good kids. I have 4 kids on individual point sheets and those have shown some improvement as well. 

I use a chart to keep track of student reprimands. 
1 = a warning
2= a reflection sheet (I'll upload later)
3= a phone call home
4= a lunch recess detention
5= Trip straight to the office

I used to have kids pull cards for this but I switched up to the chart I keep on a clipboard at my desk. It is a little more private and less in their face. I have had years where the chart worked better because the kids really needed that visual.

I will upload the charts and pages I use to keep track of behavior later today when I run into more time!!
Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here You Go!!

That total computer melt down thing really put a wrench in my multiplication game creation. Then, toss in the fact that it can't go on my TpT because I didn't spend the big bucks. It all looks and smells like roses for you all though!! Because here it is for the taking! I didn't end up finishing yet but I felt like it was time to be out. Easter is over but it could still be cute. Any thoughts or suggestions??? 

Happy Monster Multiplication!!

Monster Multiplication [Compatibility Mode]

School Year Successes!!

I'll admit, this was a big year for me. This was my first year teaching third grade and it was at times a bit of a struggle. We went self contained this year so I was teaching subjects that I never had before. Let's just say the kids weren't the only ones who learned a ton this year!! I survived a class with some pretty severe behavior problems. I wasn't sure at times if I would. I would say haha but I'm so serious. They taught me as much in that regard as I taught them. In the end I had to choose between third and fourth grades. I had previously been in fourth for the past four years. I was comfortable there and so even I was shocked when I decided to stay in third. I consider myself lucky that I even had any say because I know I'm so very lucky to have a job more less choices in placement.

I have a true passion for reading and I feel like every year I really reach out and inspire children to love to read as well. I discovered the impact setting that spark within my students can have when you reach a child at an even younger age. I had always gotten kids in fourth grade who had grudges/reservations about reading and I celebrated those victories. My victories feel so much larger this year. Some of my little ones will leave having jumped multiple grade levels. I have a few who would hardly sit down in the beginning of the year that are leaving reading well above grade level. Since this isn't a toot your own horn linky party I will stop going on and on. I'm just proud and a little surprised.

Speaking of Daiy 5, the sisters would say to be a teacher who notices their students shoes. One of the sisters has a child who wanted to wear a particular pair of shoes because the teacher notices new shoes and the child wanted to be noticed. The sister wondered if she was the kind of teacher who noticed kids shoes. Really it comes down to knowing your students and I would say my success this year is that after everything I'm a teacher who notices their students shoes.

Now, if only I had the time and money to run out and buy me some sassy new shoes!! hehe

I can't leave without mentioning how inspired and motivated I am by all of you out there in blogger land!! Every day I jump on here and I see and learn new things and I'm reminded of how much fun it is to learn and discover! Thanks for all you do!!
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Back!!

I'm home with my new computer!! My only problem now is that I found my Office cd but it wasn't with my "code" that you have to put in to activate it. UGH!!! We moved a couple years back and I have NO idea where it is. This is why organization is so stinkin important!! I'm excited to have all of you at my finger tips though!! I need to get back in the groove.

I want to take a minute and suggest that you all go on over and take a look at Ladybug's tutorials! I sassed up my comments and I loved how easy it was!! Thanks Ladybug for all you do!!

Did I mention this was my first post on my new Toshiba??!! hehe

Speaking of organization, leave me a comment if you want your blog on my Sqworl site that is set up by grade level. Check out the previous post and the right sidebar for more information. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Organizing the Madness!!

I was inspired by Nancy over at The Apple Basket Teacher to get my blogs organized. I'm not a stranger to Sqworl but I had neglected my account over there. I love how she has organized all her blogs by grade level. All her blogs are thumbnailed and organized at Sqworl which makes looking for specifics much easier.

I don't know if you are like me but I'm following so many blogs I can't keep them all straight. I forget who teaches what grades.

I want to get everyone organized so leave me a comment if you want me to add your blog to my Sqworl and I will put you right in your grade level all nice and neat! :)

Keep in mind I've only done 3rd Grade so far!  :)

Oh No!!!!

I woke up yesterday feeling a little better. (I've been down and out all week.) I sat down with a (little) bowl of cereal planning to visit all of you in bloggy land but my plans ended abruptly. As I opened my laptop I heard a very scary popping noise. Yep, my screen busted! Good gravy!!!

I priced out new laptops but they didn't have what I needed until Wed.
Anyone have any computer buying advice out there??

Not having my laptop is not good for this TBA!!  :)
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Substitute Teacher Secrets - Linky Party!

It is so much harder to be home sick then one would think. I've been down and out with the flu for the past two days and it isn't fun. On Tues. night I had the ickies start so I pulled up old lesson plans, adjusted them and sent them to the trusted hands of my wonderful co-workers. I was lucky because I had most things already copied and arranged on my desk. I'm even more lucky that I have such willing and awesome co-workers. Today I drove the 40 min. to school to make sure all was ready for today's sub and check my previous sub note. My sub from yesterday had left a 5 page letter. Uh oh! 
I'll admit I have a very intelligent rowdy group that needs a strong personality to keep them in line. I prepped today's sub, wished her luck, and hit the road. One of my students on my way out came up  to me and so sincerely and sympathaticly said, "Mrs. Lutton, you don't even want to know what they did to that poor sub yesterday. She was only like 20 and they were really mean to her." Bless her heart.

So my question is this....... What do you do in substitute situations to help ensure your students will be on task or at least not climb the tables and go wild. I do mini lessons on guest teacher expectations but I think more is needed. I've also offered extra computer lab time to students that get on the calm and helpful list.
  • Incentives
  • Special Lessons
  • Favorite Subs
What is your Substitute Teacher Magic that helps keep all calm (or calmer) and normal.

If you want, toss in a funny story about being gone! I'm sick and I could use a laugh!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Unlike the rest of the world I didn't get that I couldn't use ThistleGirl Designs or Lettering Delights graphics on any of my TpT creations. I guess I was kinda born yesterday.   :)
ThistleGirl requires a resellers license. Bummer!! Even bigger bummer is that the license costs over $100. Their stuff is soooo cute! I'm going to follow Dana's advise and wait for a sale before I can post my ThistleGirls stuff!
Scrappin Doodles is a okay with me using their sassy stuff to sell on TpT or share with all of you! Thanks so much Scrappin Doodles!!!
Scrappin Doodles

Does anyone know of any other sites such as Scrappin Doodles that allows one to create and share without spending big bucks???

Dollar Tuesdays Link Up!!

is having a little Dollar Tree Tuesday link up party!! 

Head over and see all the cool finds from Dollar Tree and the ways they can be used in the classroom!

I was just recently at the Dollar Tree to pick up favors for my 4year old's birthday party. Fifteen kids later I needed to pinch some pennies! I ended up buying these cute little sand pails which I filled up with chalk, bubbles, a shovel, and treats! This is a picture to give you the gist. I had to run down to the sand box and wash this off because the party was last week and my kids had already put the toys to very good use. The chalk was in a cute package but that wrapping is long gone!! You get the idea from the pic though. I ended up buying all my stuff for 15 kids and I spent under 30 bucks. You could easily get a set for the kids in your room just in time for Easter.
I also saw some very sassy storage baskets!! I already have several of these in black that I use to organize books in my library. I plan to build a math library this summer so I've been on the lookout for baskets to color coordinate for my math library. I think I found them!! I hope they look good in my new room!  :)

Make sure you head over and link up!! I want to see all your awesome finds!!
Monday, April 11, 2011

Heads UP!! IT's A Giveaway!!!

I'm doing it! I'm jumping into the giveaway frenzy!! I'm a total giveaway junkie and I'm so close to 100 followers I decided to bite the bullet and have one of my very own!! Being the blog addict that I am this makes me a little breathless and very pumped!!!

After pondering the possibilities and details of my giveaway I decided on something I think will be pretty original! I'm a Pampered Chef rep. (in all my spare time) and I'm giving away..............

Beautiful Bamboo Serving Tongs!!


A copy of my Monster Multiplication activities. 
(This project is soon to be finished!!)

This is how you get four chances to be the lucky winner of these fabulous prizes!! :) hehe
Leave me a seperate comment for each of these entries!!

1. Follow My Blog - (1 Comment)
2. Follow My TpT - (1 Comment)
3. Blog about My Giveaway!! - (1 Comment)
4. Place my button on your sidebar and/or put my blog on your blog list. - (1 Comment) 

This is my first giveaway and I'm so excited!! 
(I know I said that already!)

Thanks to all of you who follow and comment!! 

This giveaway will end on 4-17-11 around 8ish!!


And These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Katie over at Persnickety Pickles is having a linky party!! The task at hand is to show 7 of your most favorite things. The trick is that they can't be school related! Hard huh?! Anyways jump on over there and link up so I can read yours too!
My Favorite Things!!

Here are my three most favorite things!!!
This one was easy peasy lemon squeezy! We love for summer to hit so we can take our nightly bike rides to the DQ. 
(We really do go almost nightly!) 
These are my three sassy sweeties! I love them tooooo much! The DQ opened last night so this was our maiden voyage.
I couldn't help it!! I love sharpies!! I really, really, DO!!

We love camping!! Jellystone campgrounds in IN and Cedar Point are our favorite places to go!! Tons of FUN!! We load up the old camper we have and set out to find fun in the sun! I had to make sure to sneak in a picture of my favorite guy!! My high school sweet heart and best friend!

We love the Riverfolk Festival!! They set up at the park just down from our house and we can hear the jamming from our front porch. Last year we spent the entire day there complete with music, dancing, playing, friends, rootbeer, pork sandwiches, and much much more!!

My father is a faithful Michigander Biker! He goes on a week long bike trip every summer. It goes through Michigan and it is hard but a super duper blast. My dad always goes and tries his darndest to get me to go as well. It was pretty hard for him when I had three kids back to back and couldn't go for awhile. He will always go with or without me.  Good times with friends and family!

My husband and I love to eat at the Outback Steakhouse!! I always get the Victoria's Filet! I'm never disappointed!
I got this phone last summer and I love it!! I take all my pictures on it and I love getting online wherever I may be. It really is super sassy!

Well there you have them!! My very most favorite things!!!
Thanks for reading along! 

If you want to join the linky party go on over and link up at Persnickety Pickles!

Teacher "Grade In"

Well, I want to be able to tell you that educators came in droves and we stood tall and proud sending  messages of unity, strength, and pride. But, it didn't really play out like that. We were set to show up and "Grade In" the Briarwood mall. But, Briarwood decided last minute like that they didn't want us. The organizers scrambled and ended up recommending the U of M diag. The turn out was dispersed around the local cafes in order to stay warm and dry. Pifer and I sat in the diag for a bit and watched Channel 4 from Ann Arbor talk and shoot pics. It was funny the anchor man was young and handsome. He seemed kinda nervous but did  a great job. When he was done with his spiel the ladies all patted his back and gave encouraging words. What a bunch of teachers. :) Great job - You sounded wonderful!  hehe!

I have pictures for you and I hope that more of these "Grade Ins" can be scheduled with more success.

Thanks for the support and kind words!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Monster Multiplication Sneak Peak!!

Monster Multiplication - Snipits
I'm excited to show you this sneak peak of my little Monster Multiplication Games coming soon! I just fell in love with these graphics and knew they needed a home at TpT!  I think I'll finish in the next couple days. I have to put it on hold for today so my marriage doesn't suffer! hehe! :)
Besides the kids are off to grandma and grandpa's for the night and I'm heading towards a NIGHT OUT!! 

I know, I can hardly believe it myself!  :)
Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grade In - Look what I get to be a part of!!

This Saturday, April 9th, at 10:00 I'm going to be part of a giant "Grade In".  Teachers from all over will gather and do what we do in front of the public! I plan to put together some spelling activities, grade papers, and work on my TpT stuff. Erin, my partner in crime and I plan on being at the Briarwood mall to show our support for our profession and show our angst for the terrible actions happening against teachers and unions in Michigan today. 

If you are local think about coming out! This should be very interesting. There will be plenty of media, shopping, and food court food!!
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Technology Linky Party!!

Click on over and check out 1st Grade with Miss Snowden!! She is having a link party on technology. I'm sure you will want to grab up all the super cool ideas people will be posting about!

I wanted to join this linky party but felt a little technology challenged. Compared to the rest of you I don't really have a lot of techy experience under my belt. I guess you could say I'm just getting started! :) I have a document camera on the way but my classroom computer has been all I really have and it runs like a dinosaur. (A really slow dinosaur)  I do have a pretty cool projector.

One of my co-workers introduced me to  Schoology it's a social networking site similar to Facebook but it is overseen by an adult. It has the look and functions of Facebook but it is set up and controlled by the classroom teacher. This is probably a site to be used with older students around 4th/5th grade and up.

You might be interested in checking out Free Technology For Teachers this is a teacher Richard Byrne who specializes in free technology tips and lessons for teachers. There is a lot over there to see and learn.

Thanks for the cool linky party Miss Snowden!!
Monday, April 4, 2011


Spring Collage

Fern over at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas inspired me to start up a TpT account. I don't have a ton of stuff to share but I do have some! I know when summer hits I'll have fun creating and posting on TpT. They have such cool stuff over there and frankly we may as well support each other. Here is a snapshot of a little six page spring bundle I put together today. This is really me learning how to use TpT and having fun playing with all my new graphics from Lettering Delights!

Thanks so much to The Teacher Wife for helping me with the snipping tool!! Very cool!!

Kids Crack Me Up!

My three year old son Saywer just declared that if I didn't get him a hot dog he would be up all night long driving the car.
My  five year old Tyler proceed to ask - WHAT CAR???
Sawyer - Mom's car and I won't even turn on the lights!
Tyler  - You can't drive mom's car! You don't even have a driver's license! 
Saywer - Mom, how do you put the lights on anyways??

Later before bed my daughter Morgan was helping me put laundry away and I noticed a pair of jeans must have left marks on one of my hoodies.
Morgan (7)said - You should totally get Oxiclean. It would take care of that. Oxiclean makes things cleaner and stronger you know.  Yep, that needs Oxiclean.

Kids are a hoot! I swear I need to start a quote book for our everyday lives!
Friday, April 1, 2011


Spring break is here!!

I realize in the light of this mornings post this may look very bi-polar. Ha! :)
But, being a woman, mother of three, teacher of 3rd graders, and WONDERFUL wife who cooked an awesome dinner, this is just an average day!!! 

Conferences went well and I bit the bullet and decided where I want to be next year. I had to put in writing my choice for either third vs. fourth grade. The decision was painful but I went with third. I had a tuff first year in third grade this year. Let's just say this group broke me in. Ha!

The positives are that I love the curriculum, my co-workers are helpful and fun, and I loved seeing the awesome growth in my little ones. Third grade is a year of amazing growth! The bad is that I have to leave my bestest buddy Erin and beloved classroom/home away from home. I was allowed to stay in my "fourth grade" room because they didn't need it. Well, they need it now and so I'm out. The new room is nice enough, smaller, lacks a picture window view of the playground and the warming sun of the afternoon, but okay. Erin has been my rock and funny bone all in one for the past five years and even though I will only be down the hall it feels like a break up. Look at me stressing over something not final. The big P might just send my bu double tt to the first grade for all I know. I'm sure no matter where in the building I am, Erin will still bound into my room squeeling - I got 30%!!! hehe Kohls fans!!! 
(ok ok Pifer! That was me with the 30% last week and it ROCKED!!)

So, break is here and I'm chillin with my babies and kicking some serious laundry A double SS!! :)
A few trips to the playground, rollerblading, and cookie baking are in my very near future!! 

Life is crazy but life is GOOD!!


I can't believe I put off registering for the Daily 5 training in my home town!!! It is stinkin full!!! Arggggghh! I'm in for the Cafe and now on a waiting list for D5. What a goob I am! I knew it would fill up, why did I put it off!!! 

OK - Thanks for letting me vent!! Arghhhhhhh!

Update - 
I got in!! They emailed me and said they squeezed me in and I'm sooooo happy!! I promise to post all the wonderful things I learn!!

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