Thursday, April 28, 2011

School Year Successes!!

I'll admit, this was a big year for me. This was my first year teaching third grade and it was at times a bit of a struggle. We went self contained this year so I was teaching subjects that I never had before. Let's just say the kids weren't the only ones who learned a ton this year!! I survived a class with some pretty severe behavior problems. I wasn't sure at times if I would. I would say haha but I'm so serious. They taught me as much in that regard as I taught them. In the end I had to choose between third and fourth grades. I had previously been in fourth for the past four years. I was comfortable there and so even I was shocked when I decided to stay in third. I consider myself lucky that I even had any say because I know I'm so very lucky to have a job more less choices in placement.

I have a true passion for reading and I feel like every year I really reach out and inspire children to love to read as well. I discovered the impact setting that spark within my students can have when you reach a child at an even younger age. I had always gotten kids in fourth grade who had grudges/reservations about reading and I celebrated those victories. My victories feel so much larger this year. Some of my little ones will leave having jumped multiple grade levels. I have a few who would hardly sit down in the beginning of the year that are leaving reading well above grade level. Since this isn't a toot your own horn linky party I will stop going on and on. I'm just proud and a little surprised.

Speaking of Daiy 5, the sisters would say to be a teacher who notices their students shoes. One of the sisters has a child who wanted to wear a particular pair of shoes because the teacher notices new shoes and the child wanted to be noticed. The sister wondered if she was the kind of teacher who noticed kids shoes. Really it comes down to knowing your students and I would say my success this year is that after everything I'm a teacher who notices their students shoes.

Now, if only I had the time and money to run out and buy me some sassy new shoes!! hehe

I can't leave without mentioning how inspired and motivated I am by all of you out there in blogger land!! Every day I jump on here and I see and learn new things and I'm reminded of how much fun it is to learn and discover! Thanks for all you do!!

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  1. Hey Julie, it was so nice to hear about your wonderful year in a challenging situation, though it's no surprise to me after reading about all of the wonderful things you do with your class!

    I think it's awesome that you're staying in 3rd, sounds like you're making a big impact there :) Thanks so much for linking up, have a lovely evening.



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