Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Would You Suggest?

My thoughtful hubby found this piece at a U of M auction in Ann Arbor. He thought I might be able to use it in my room. It has 24 doors/cubbyholes for whatever our imaginations can come up with. I could keep center activities in it. It would be like everyone who uses rubber maid storage but I would have this. Is it too cumbersome? The holes are 11x15. It's sitting on the tailgate of our truck and that is my little cutie Ty who is five standing by it.

What do you think?? What could I use it for?? 

If nothing else he figured we could take off the doors and make it a shoe holder for the garage.


  1. I think it would be great supply storage, for math manipulatives, book baskets, even student cubbies for their weekly work, binders, textbooks, stuff that clutters up their desks.

    That's an awesome piece of storage! You're super lucky!!

  2. Mailboxes is the first thing that come to my mind: that could be so fun! How big are the slots? Could they fit letters through them? That would be awesome to have a revolving mail system in your room all year for kids to practice their writing... I could see that going so many places! :)

    I also see storage for centers. Do you already have cubbies in your room for your kids? Maybe use them as a 2nd set for something specific... reading stuff you want mobile, but what about a science cabinet that holds all of their experiment stuff? It could be an area for your little scientists! Or you could switch it off depending on themes/units you're doing...

    You could definitely use this in your room! I can't wait to see what ideas others come up with! :) Love it!!

  3. This is super neat! I can't really think of anything though. Good luck!

    Third Grade Experience

  4. My students don't keep their supplies in their desks (because another class uses them too) so I would use it to hold their supplies. It looks big enough in the picture. I would definitely take it into school and see what you can do!

    Go Fourth! With Owens

  5. haha very cute! how many kids are in your class? maybe mailboxes/cubbies for their work?

  6. I think mailboxes would be a great use for it! The kiddos would LOVE to have semi-private cubbies so that other students couldn't see their grades and they could even write each other letters during free time for them to read at the end of the day!

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  8. Center Games! Center Games! Center Games! All the short and long a families in one....all the multiplication in another...too bad you live too far away...I would be happy to take it off your hands! :) Post after photos when you decide & have a great weekend!

  9. I could imagine getting a variety of containers and have it be a way to get super organized. Magnifying glasses, magnets, flashlights, crayons, markers, bandaids, writing center aids.. you could have it color coordinated by rows (red labels are reading, green labels are science etc)
    I could also imagine it being mailboxes for students- this is where they keep their center, guided reading, math journals etc



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