Saturday, May 14, 2011

That Was Torture!!

I don't know about the rest of you but our little Blogger downage was painful!! I can't stand that I lost so many of your comments and a couple posts!
I'm glad we are back in the swing! 

Catch up - 

On Fri. we had ACES day. (All Children Exercising Simultaneously) The whole school was out on the track getting our walking groove on when yours truly walks into the kid in front of me (my daughter) and stubs her toe on their shoe. 
Yep, I have one purple toe!!! OUCH!! It turned purple right away and I toughed it out. I pointed out that I should have been wearing the right shoes and I DIDN"T need ICE!! :)  My kids ask for ice for EVERYTHING! I was wearing flip flops. I know, not a good example. But I was only walking for goodness sakes.  

The countdown is on and summer breakitis is really setting in! I hope everyone had a good week!!

If you didn't get a chance read the message post I put on before this and tell me what you think!


  1. I hated the blogger catastrophe as well. I lost a new template I had added AND comments as well.

    Kids thinking ice cures everything cracks me up! Hope your toe is ok! O.P.I has a really cute purple color out this season so your other toes can match. (it's called "Do you lilac it?"

    Third Grade Experience

  2. Amanda you are hilarious!!! I'm wearing hot pink right now but purple would really rock out my damaged toe look! hehe!


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