Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Woot Woot!!

I just kicked some coupon butt!! Fern I think you will be very proud of today's purchases!!
I worked up some coupon magic!!

Tape - I got 34 rolls Correction - it was 51 rolls of Scotch Magic tape for $2.03!! That is total not a piece!
Mind you it is $5.49 a roll at Staples!!

I realize I'm using a lot of exclamation marks, but so would you!! :)

Running in second place for super cool was my body wash purchase.
4 bottles of Sweet Honeysuckle Softsoap body wash for $12.00 and recieved $8.00 in register rewards!!
Keep in mind it is $5.79 reg. I plan to go back in a few days when they restock and get two more which will be free with my register rewards plus they will give me $4.00 more in register rewards!!

I'm so stinking excited!!

Yesterday I bought 22 boxes of cereal for around 1.20 cents a piece. Good cereal!! Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheat, Fiber One Honey Clusters, Cheerios, etc.The little old lady at the check out was all worried. She kept saying - Ohhh how will you ever eat all this?!?! I said don't worry mam my family of five will have it gone in no time. In the end she was going -- Ohhhh what a great deal you got!!

Thanks so much Fern for getting me into the couponing!! I owe you big time!


  1. Okay-- I gotta know where you got the coupons for the tape! That is a phenomenal deal!!
    Primary Inspired

  2. Walgreen is having a buy one Scotch tape get two free. I Googled scotch magic tape and a printable $1.00 coupon is right there. Since I was actually getting three items I could use two coupons per transaction which made them free. I only paid the tax. I will say they let me go over the limit which was 3 per customer. I was ready to line my three kids up and I think he wanted to avoid that.
    Just Google Scotch tape and you will see it! It was weird cuz I felt like I was doing something wrong. Think of all the mark ups they push on us and I get a deal/steal and feel guilty.
    Good gravy!

  3. Wow, that is AMAZING! You go girl!

  4. Wow! How exciting...I'm so glad I could help!! I stand at the register now and if someone says ONE UGLY THING about coupons I say, "Want to pay to feed my family of 6 and 6 dogs?" They get very nice after that!!! :) I have also found that Walgreens is the best with respect to a person as a shopper & to tell Brenda & Sarah, Scotch Tape gives the money to Walgreens for EACH coupon and your state still gets it's good old tax! Think about how much you spend on your classroom ~ that little extra time scanning the flyers is like a second job! We made out big last night at CVS, when I told Donald, our favorite cashier the candy was for my end of the year party, he showed us a coupon we missed! :) That is the kindness of others!
    Now Julie...head back to my site because you won my contest and haven't told me what $10 of items you want...$10 FREE is better than a coupon! :)

  5. Wow! That is impressive! I'm bad about using coupons (unless it's for online shopping). It seems like my coupons always say "can not be combined with other offers or coupons".
    Funky First Grade Fun


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