Sunday, May 8, 2011

Behavior Management Freebie!!

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!! 
I had promised I would give out a copy of this. This is how I track behaviors. I keep this sheet on a clipboard and at my desk. I can carry it with me to bathroom breaks and to specials if needed. I call them up in the morning and check off homework on the right side and I keep track of checks (behavior reprimands) on the left of their name. It looks very formal but it does the trick. If a parent calls I have the info. by name at my fingertips. 

Classroom Management Graph 00-11
Anyone out there have something similar they use that is cute??


  1. I couple of classrooms that I subbed in last year had charts like this, except had letters to stand for behaviors instead of numbers. So "o" for off task and "t" for talking. It was really easy to document in that way! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. I just blogged about this and posted my versions - thanks for reminding me about this!! :) I used to use this all the time and am definitely picking back up on this through the rest of the year!


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