Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting To Know You

I was over at I Teach For A Living..... What's Your Super Power and she had linked up to this sassy site that hosts getting to know you Sundays. 


I thought it sounded fun so here I go!!

1. Did you watch the royal wedding?

I woke up early all set to workout. I clicked on the tv and that was it! I proceeded to almost run late for work watching the royal wedding. I woke up my seven year old daughter to tell her a prince and princess were getting married. She rolled over and said, oh mom your just trying to get me out of bed. We could hardly get her in the shower. She kept yelling to my hubby - Dad did they kiss yet??? Too cute!

2. Tea and crumpets or coffee and a scone?

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a green tea junkie!!  So, tea and crumpets please! (better yet donuts)

3 Who's cuter..prince william or prince harry?
Neither one does it for me. I guess I'm so old they remind me of my sons! Ha, I'm not that old yet!! I guess they remind me of what my sons will become!!  (they are 4 and 5 but my oldest is a redhead)

4. Can you speak in a english accent?
Heck Yea!! I love to switch into accents when teaching. It cracks my kids up and holds their attention.

5. Do you own a fancy hat?
No way!! I hate hats! I'm an 80's girl that never lost the bangs!

6. Would you rather live in a castle or an english cottage?
I would go cottage. Ahhhhh, I can see it now all quaint and surrounded in flowers!! 

7. How old were you when prince charles and princess diana got married? Were you even born? 
I was seven years old! Wow! I'm old! hehe

8. Have you found your prince? 
I'm married to my high school sweetheart and yes he is my prince!! 


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