Monday, May 30, 2011

Check Out This Cool Blog!

My friend and co-worker has recently started up her own blog called Technology, Teaching, and Talking. 
She is one of the few upper elem. blogs to be found on blogger. 

I posted a couple months ago about her classroom blog which is wayyy cool! I reposted so you could check out some of the cool stuff she is doing in her room. 

Click on over and leave her a comment, grab her button, or follow!! I know she would love it if you did!

Technology, Teaching, and Talking

More Video Fun!!

I was on someones blog a while back and they were tossing around the idea of having their students do a weekly summary for their blog. I have a co-worker who is putting her weekly summary together with technology and it has turned out really cool! She has lots of neat things on her blog so go check her out here - Ms. Metevia.

Here is a sample of her work:

These videos are so fun for me to watch because I had many of them when I taught fourth grade last year. Ms. Metevia really works hard to integrate technology into her classroom.


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