Monday, May 23, 2011

Lovin It!!

Skip over the shopping list if your thinking -
Lady who cares what you bought!!
The good stuff is below!!

I hit Walgreens today and saved big time!!
Total bill after coupons and sales = 16.30
I saved 47.37!!!
I only bought items that were on sale and I had a coupon for.
4 boxes of General Mills Cereal
6 pks of Oscar Meyer Hotdogs
1 jar of Miracle Whip
2 6pks of Charmin double rolls
1 8.3 oz MiraLAX
Which came with a year's free subscription of Good Housekeeping

The MiraLAX itself is reg. 12.00. I'm just excited about all my savings!! I'm heading back on Wed. to stock up on some other things.

I will say to check out Coupon Geek!!

Get her emails and she will send you all the updated finds!! She has links that break down the sales/savings/coupons for CVS and Walgreen which are my favorites! I love their register rewards and Extracare bucks!!

The sites she shows for CVS and Walgreens are:

Anyways, check it out and maybe you could get on board and save some big money!! I've been really wanting to buy a Thistle Girl License and with all these savings I might just treat myself. I just wish she had a coupon or had a big sale coming up!! :)


  1. That's really cool Julie. I think Thistlegirl usually has a sale in the summer. That's when I got mine last year :)

  2. Kristen-
    If you see a sale give me a shout! I would be devastated if I missed it!

  3. You may have added to my addiction list! Agh! I love coupons!

  4. I just started to coupon a few weeks ago! I am finding it very addicting and fun! I get a little "obsessed" with things and everyone thinks this is a bad habit for me to start:) Thanks for sharing this site!

  5. Hey Julie, I'll let you know when I hear about it! :)

  6. Julie! I love it, you're way up there and I'm way down here, but we're shopping at the same store and buying some of the same items. The hot dogs, the Charmin...I love it! It is so worth the time & then, NO GUILT when you head on over to buy the Thistle Girl stuff!! You EARNED it!
    @Alisha ~ My hubby and I now have a saying we got from a coupon show, "Don't make fun of us for saving money, we should be making fun of you for wasting your money!" {Not that I would EVER say it out loud, but run it around in your head & it will make you smile!} Then as your savings add up, buy yourself something nice, a luxury, like a piece of jewelry or shoes...whatever you LOVE, then when someone says something nice about it...say, I PAID FOR THIS WITH CASH

  7. Also....we were buying 10 deodorants at CVS {for FREE with our coupons and their sale on $3 back on 10} and a lady turned around and started laughing. Since my 16 y/o was there with me, I tried to set a good example. I asked, "Is something funny?" She said, "How could you need all those deodorants?" "These are for my Treasure Box at school, most of my students are very poor at Grove Park Elementary." {Everyone in town knows my school, Somer Thompson was murdered last year on the way home.} That lady SUCKED that laugh right back in and started apologizing to me! Thank you God for showing me to be a great example to my daughter! :)

  8. Julie- I was so proud of my CVS savings this week. I just love saving with coupons.
    Today I bought:
    12 candy bars for school
    2 large containers of Lysol wipes
    2 2L Diet Coke
    Nivea body lotion
    Schick men's shaving cream
    Trident Gum
    Revlon nail polish
    2 Suave deodorants
    all for $27

    Please let us know when Thistle Girl is having her sale. I badly want a subscription.

    Fern- fabulous come back!

  9. If I hear word of a sale I will spread it!!

  10. You should also check out these AWESOME couponing sites:

    I will be the first to admit that I, too, am a couponing addict! Total out of pocket (in 7 weeks) in $800. Total savings: over $2000!!!


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