Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Grammar Tales

Grammar Tales

I posted yesterday about a fun adjective activity and I  recently posted fun vidoes and projects we have done while reviewing grammar. I use Grammar Tales by Scholastic as a tool to teach grammar. It has a nice little teacher guide, picture books to reinforce concepts, and worksheet pages to make a student book for each concept. Here is a link to Amazon that will hook you right up!!

I've had this set for a while and this is the first year I've really started the kit and stuck with it. I have to say that combining the songs/videos, using the kit, and occasional projects have really made grammar fun. The kids love it when they see me reach for one of the books or pull up our latest song/video. The kit really doesn't cost that much and I think it would be a great addition for any classroom!!

Let me know what you think!
Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hey blogger buddies!!

I hope all is well out in chaotic holiday blogger land!! In school we have been BUSY!!! We just had our first round of conferences and the holiday craze is soooo here!! 
We have been discussing adjectives. 

I read a cute book about bugs that focused on adjectives. I decided that I would grab out the fun stuff (paper, glitter, buttons, etc.) and we would make unique bugs of our own. They then made lists of words that described their bugs. I typed the lists out in a sassy font and they cut them with fun scissors. The bugs turned out a little more disorganized than I had envisioned but I must remind myself that they are only 3rd graders and they really did have soooo much fun making them.

Things are rockin busy at the Lutton house! I enjoyed some way super fun shopping after Thanksgiving. My "team" and I were in and out by 1:30ish. We have sooo much fun each and every year. My long time friend Jill and her supper sassy cousin Lexi and I usually stand in the cold a couple hours but man do we grab up bargains and laugh a ton! We kept calling ourselves shopping ninjas. :) Good time!
That is me in the WHITE coat. :)  At this time we had been waiting outside of Toys R Us for over an hour and it dawned on me that in all the years we do this I had never snapped a photo.
Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grammar With Attitude!! :\

We have been having some verb fun the past week. The kids really love the Youtube videos!! I have one I do for nouns and a couple I use for verbs. I use them as brain breaks before or after I teach the grammar lesson. 
They all get stuck in our heads and the students and I tend to hum them all day. Too funny! Play them and you will see. 

This video is super funny!! (At least I think so) My kids are allowed to stand by their desks and follow along. They tend to want to really get crazy but I just lay down the law. :)  Once the behavior expectations are clear they are great. They think it is hilarious when I start clapping and jumping along.

We discussed irregular verbs today and I showed this video just after I introduced them. It has pictures that grab their attention and I then show it again after the lesson so they see the irregular verbs again. They really liked it today.

I also created a sassy irregular verbs chart! I say sassy because as I was teaching today a co-worker came in and complimented the chart. One of my girls pipped up that Mrs. Lutton likes to make her charts "sassy", ha!

This is the one I made for verbs. 
My lovely daughter helped me color it.
We did nouns last week. I've shown this noun song for a couple years now and I really like it!! The kids practically memorize it. Beware!! This one will sooo get stuck in your head!! ;)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look around!! 
I hope you found something that you can use in your room!! 
Leave a comment and let me know what you think!!
Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nonfiction Fun

I had mentioned yesterday that I was diving into a new summarizing strategy called 3-2-1. I'm really liking this method for focusing student thinking during reading! It goes right along with my tracking your thinking lessons. I have a little pic of a kinda sassy chart I whipped up today. The flash was a little defiant so this is the best I have. :(
I admit it is a little top heavy but I really like to add color to draw interest. We are focusing our school wide writing prompt towards a nonfiction summary. Any thoughts or suggestions on this girls?!?!

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around 3-2-1 as a summarizing tool. I see it more for focusing student thoughts during reading by giving them specific things to look for/think about during reading.  I'm still working out the kinks!!  :)
Monday, November 14, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!! :)

I can't believe the trimester is almost over?! Where or where does the time go?!?! We have been doing so many fun things and I've been too busy to share most of them. Sorry :(

Right now we are studying nonfiction text features. FUN!! I use the Comprehension Toolkit by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis. I have never taught out of the 2-3 grade version but I would love to own it!! Maybe I'll suggest that to Santa!! Ha!

For interventions right now I'm in charge of the on grade level to just above grade level students and we are doing a hodge podge of the toolkit intervention and a cool 3-2-1 summarizing technique that we just learned. We are using the super cool National Geographic kids magazines that come in two different levels. If any of you have experience/opinions about the 3-2-1 summarizing technique I would LOVE to hear about it!!

You all know of my Pinterest obsession!! I pinned this super cool 3-2-1 summarizing graphic organizer and you should so check it out!! It is from none other than Lesson Plan SOS!! They rock!!

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Come on over and check out my Pinterest wonderland!! I may have a bit of a pinning problem!! :) Don't tell my hubby!! :)
Sunday, November 6, 2011

Online Lesson Plans w/ Common Core

Sorry I've been a little MIA lately. 
Always the same excuse - Life in the fast lane!! 

We have this wonderful (insert sarcastic voice/face) new evaluation at our school and one of the categories we have to get ranked on is lesson plans. We provide them when asked and we get a score between 1-4. Now, to get the fat 4 you have to include Common Core within. I have been looking around at online sites that make adding in the core a little bit easier. I haven't found "the one" just yet but I have a couple I'm trying out. I'm linking up with A Teacher's Treasure. She is hosting a Lesson Plan Linky party. Fun huh?! (more proof of my nerdness)

As far a online lesson sites I'm currently going to stick with I like the layout better and you have options for layouts when you print. It is super easy to forward plans or attach files. I included  youtube videos in my plans and they show right up for the admin. to click and see. It is set up much like Blogger with the HTML and all. 
The other site that a few of my co-workers use is called (easy to confuse huh?) I hated the way these looked when I printed them. The CC was a little easier to add but ugh I hate the way they print.

Here is the big question!!!! 
What online lesson plan sites do you recommend?? 
Have any of you found one that is super easy??
Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm on Fire Baby!! :)

Thank you so very much to Maria over at 
Charmed in Third Grade!!

Charmed in the Third Grade
I so appreciate the Blog on Fire award you gave me!!

So with this award, you need to share 7 things about yourself 
and then pass the award on to 7 "HOT" blogs!
So here goes...

1. I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we have 3 adorable children ages 7, 6, and 4.
2. I so totally threw my back out on Tues. and it still really hurts but I'm on the mend.  
3. I'm having the best school year EVER!!! My class is wonderful and I feel like we are making awesome progress!
4. I'm totally addicted to Pinterest!! I'm gotten so many teaching ideas. I swear it has made a huge impact on my teaching. Check it out!! Click the little P - Follow Me on Pinterest
5. I love Diet Coke!! My hubby hates that I drink so much of it so every morning he wakes up and brews me fresh green tea. 
Love him!!
6. I have a new niece and she is adorable!!! Chloe Vega Morgan was born last week and I just adore her!
7. I appreciate and love comments so if you stop over and see something you like say something!! 
Now...... 7 Rockin Blogs on Fire!

3rd Grade's a Hoot

There you have it!! 
I could have given it to many more 
but alas I do need to get to my lesson planning!! :)
Happy Blogging Girlfriends!!
Sunday, October 23, 2011

Super Cool Site Dedicated to Math and the Common Core

If you haven't heard of it then you are missing out!! Click over and check out Manga High!! The site is packed full of games that challenge students on specific Common Core strands. You can tailor the games they play to match up with Common Core strands that they need to master. You set up challenges and the kids attempt to master the games. The site gives you wonderful charts and feedback so you can track student progress. I just passed out the usernames and passwords on Fri. and I already had kids playing this weekend. I can tell because I logged on and poof, I can see one little girl in my room has already earned a gold medal on one of the challenges I set up. Cool, huh?! The above is a picture of one of them many games the kids can play. Click on the pic below and go see what I'm talking about!!
On a side note registering your class will take  some effort. I decided to log on as a student after I set them up and realized the program takes them to a page to select their own log on /password. Well, I decided to log on to each one and set the log on/passwords for each of them. If they changed them and then they got mixed up I would go crazy! So keep that in mind!!

Happy Mangahighing!!

Just for giggles leave a comment and let me know what you think!! So many of you are blog stalkers but so few of you leave comments! A girl just wants to know she is making a difference in cyber space!! 

Thanks super duper!!
Thursday, October 20, 2011

Decorations and Common Core

Hey bloggy buddies!! 
I hope life is treating you spooktacular!!! 
Hehe! I couldn't help it.   :)

I got a little Pintmotivated and decided to decorate my classroom door! It turned out pretty cute. The kids LOVE it!! I had pinned this sassy door a long while back and decided to make my move on some Franktastic door decor!

I originally pinned this door on Pinterest.
If any of you out there have a green door on your house you could whip up some Halloween magic! 

If you want to check out what other holiday/classroom ideas I've pinned then head on over and check out my Pinterest!! I'm telling you it's getting out of control!! I have over 700 followers over there! CRAZY!! I just really LOVE to pin. Seeing all the cute things everyone is making and doing motivates me to jump on board. Click on the button below to check it out! 

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If you liked the sassy Bat/writing project we have up next to our door than you just have to check out  
I'm loving this blog!! I did the bat project this week and I'm doing the matter gummy activity next week!! I of course have all this pinned so I can access it easily when I need it!

We had a ton of fun doing this project!! I turned it into a summary/review and my kids did a fantastic job!

One last note!! I now have a cool new tab on the right side of my blog! Do you see it sticking out from the side?? It says Common Core App.
A lovely friend at work showed me this app and it rocks!! It is super easy to install on your blog and tadda!!! You have instant access to the Common Core right on your blog. You just paste the given code under the gadgets on your design page. 

Head on over to Mastery Connect to grab your app up for free!!

Happy Blogging!!
Saturday, October 15, 2011

What Is Wrong Here??!

So, last week I went to change my classroom blog design and I accidentally changed and messed up this one! UGH! I still can't believe I did it! To make matters worse I've been too busy to spiff it back up. 

Problem!! I noticed today after I posted that my post didn't show up on the blogrolls or on GReader. It doesn't show up on mine at all. Yes, I keep my blog on my own roll just to keep tabs on how long it takes to update etc. 

Any suggestions to this?? I think I must have really messed something up and I have no clue how to fix it!

Life in the Fast Lane!!

  Hey bloggy buddies!! I've been sooo MIA!! Life in the fast lane is starting to catch up with me! The days fly by and it feels like I just can't get everything in. Here is a little peak at what we have been up to!! 

Daily five has been going wonderful!! My kids are loving it and building awesome stamina!! 
Right now they are all focused on - 
  • Choosing a just right book
  • Finishing one chapter book at a time
  • Taking an AR test on that book.  
Once they have taken the AR test they report the score to me and I record it in my pensive. When I conference with them I go over the following:
  • Current book level/length (AR) I have them read one page and demonstrate the 5 finger test.  
  • I have a print out of their AR summary - We discuss their scores/points/comprehension %. I have them take these summaries home for their parents to view and sign. 
  • I have all of their books recorded with the level and the test %tage in my pensive to keep on track. This makes it easy to say - Where is the Tree House book you were reading two days ago?? Accountability is big. 
During buddy reading they have to stop every couple pages (depending on the length/density of their books) and summarize. I did this little summary chart. We model and practice each day and will until we get really good at this. 
I recently found and printed out these check marks which I plan to pass out for them to decorate and keep in their book bags. These will serve as a reminder for them to summarize. On the back we are going to put Coaching/Time for when a student is stuck.  
 I found this supper sassy check on What the Teacher Wants!  
This blog is super of course awesome!! :)  She is all about the Common Core and has tons of cool stuff to download and see!

I have lots more Daily 5 stuff on my Pinterest if you want to take a peak!! I have to admit I'm a little Pinterest crazy!! hehe! Click the button below to have a look!
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I was pretty proud of my long A poster I made do you like the Halloween touch I added?? hehe! I got this little ditty over at the Inspired Apple. Thanks Abby!
 All in all the year is going great, but WOW is it going fast!! I hope everyone else is having a blast and not so very overwhelmed!! I can't believe how time is flying!! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Writing Workshop

Hello all you writer's workshop fans!!

I start off each year with mini lessons. 
We begin by brainstorming for writing ideas. 
Here are a few of the charts I whipped up this year so far. 

 I also do, think of a thing, emotion, etc. We practice each strategy for a few days and I grade them. I have them pick their favorite person brainstorm and I tell them ahead of time what I will be looking for. I expect them to follow the same format as I have demonstrated. 

They get- 
1pt for the person's name
4pts. for each seed idea
3pts for the beginning - middle - end sketches
2 pts. for the small amount of writing they get started with

This 10 pt scale makes for a very easy writing grade and it shows me who is on task and collecting actual writing ideas for when we really get down and dirty with our writer's workshop. 

When we get started with choosing stories to take to the finish they should have a whole slew of ideas to pick from.

After the brainstorming I jump into the Writer's Diner!! More info. to come on that awesome program!

Don't mind my terrible drawing inabilities!! I try!

What other brainstorming ideas do you use??

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