Sunday, March 27, 2011

Daily Organization

Go over and check out the cool linking that Mrs. Patton is doing over at Patton's Patch! She is featuring different subjects and then allowing everyone to link up and share. Super Cool!! Topic right now - How do you organize your daily materials!!

Here is mine!

I have to admit that organization is always a work in progress for me. My room is more organized and uncluttered this year than it has ever been. I try very hard to keep large surfaces empty. I use my giant science desk for organizing the weeks lessons. I always make copies and get overheads ready on Mon. morning or Fri. night and have them sitting there ready to go for the week. I do know that I have to have things where I can see them otherwise I forget. I'm very visual.  :)
I have other pictures of my room in a previous link so feel free to look around!!

While your at it leave a comment or grab a button!!  :)


  1. Hey Julie, I thought I was already following and was upset to find out I wasn't! Nice to see an intermediate teacher blogger...I feel kinda lonely with grades 4 and 5 sometimes!

    Grabbed your button last night ;)
    Ladybug's Teacher Files

  2. Thanks Ladybug! You are too kind! It looks like I might be 4th next year. We shall see!


  3. Your room does look very organized! Good work!

    Colleen Patton
    Mrs. Patton’s Patch

  4. I added your page to my side bar!!!

  5. Love your site! Thanks for stopping by mine. Your room looks a lot like mine.....except mine was hit by a tornado! haha


  6. I've done some moving in the last couple of years. I am hoping to have a clean and tidy room like yours.

  7. My organization system is always better in the beginning of the year :). Somehow I lose steam after January!! But, like you, I love to get my copies made ahead of time!

  8. Love your site! Good job with organization and your third grade!

  9. I could just move in! I love the look of your room AND your blog. The music is GREAT! Nice touch.


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