I've been noticing and admiring the many classroom libraries I have seen lately online. As we all know a classroom library is always a work in progress. Here are some pictures of mine in case anyone is on the lookout for ideas. I have the books labeled by author or series. I color code the labels with the AR level so the kids know what level they are before they even head toward the basket. Organization is the key. When my labels get lost the kids tend to stick books in random areas. Don't you love it when it's time to clean out desks and kids are pulling books out by the dozen??! UGH :)

Believe it or not I made these book shelves! 
The next year when I needed more my wonderful father and grandpa Buster stepped in to make them for me.

All the books on the shelf are labeled on the inside and outside with the AR level. The outside binding is color coded for easy identification. The books all have old fashioned library pockets on the inside front cover so the students can check books out.

All the baskets in my room are black and beige to match the earth toned color scheme of my classroom.

I keep plants, lamps, and pictures in my library to make it feel warm and more inviting.

I hope you enjoyed my library tour! Pics of my library check out soon to follow!


  1. Your library looks wonderful! I can't wait until next year when I can plan for it this summer, I love organization!

  2. I like the nice touches in your classroom library of lights, plants and pictures! Such a nice touch! I think I am your newest follower!


  3. I am new to You are very creative teacher and so organized. I like your color coding ideas for your library. Thanks for sharing, I 'll be your new follower too! :) :)


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