Monday, March 14, 2011

Link Party

Lutton's Learning Nest!

This is it!! This is my nest!
The giant science desk in the back can't be moved and takes up a lot of space (bad). It is getting cut in half and moved against the wall so I can utilize more of my classroom next year (good). I mainly use the kidney table for conferencing and small group instruction. I built those shelves in the background. Yep, I'm a little handy with a hammer and sandpaper. You can see more of my shelves if you click on the pictures link above. I have pics of my library there. I use fabric for my bulletin boards and you can see the Writing Diner on the black board (good). I'm working VERY hard to cut down on clutter.

Yes, that is a fridge, toaster, and microwave in the background. My daughter and son come to school with me and I sell healthy snacks in my room to my students. I rather they buy a yogurt or cheese snack with their loose money than a fruit roll up at lunch.Ugly would be toting in that food!! Ugh I swear I'll throw my back out someday!

Thanks for taking a look!! Feel free to click around! The Teacher Resources page is a work in progress but I have grand plans for the near future.

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Thanks so much Mrs.Farley for starting this fun link party!
What a fun idea!
Check her out at Oh' Boy 3rd Grade!


  1. YAY thanks for joining...good luck!!!

  2. I am so glad we found each other's third grade blogs! Thanks for sharing your nest.



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