Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Organizing All Those Student Passwords

Anyone overloaded with usernames and passwords?? We are going to the computer lab regularly and with the programs I use come some serious usernames and passwords. I make my students tags to take along to the computer lab with them. All the programs that I use are listed with each students specific log on info. This has been a wonderful help!! I color coded the separate sites and everything!! Yep, I LOVE my sharpies!!!  :)
I pass these fish (locker tags) out just before we walk out for computer lab. On these tags you can find their computer log on, AR/STAR log on, Sumdog log on, and Xtramath log on. Each day when we go in they are required to take any AR tests first followed by their Xtra math quiz. If there is time left over when they have finished these two musts they may play on Sumdog. So far this is working wonderfully! The kids LOVE Xtra math and Sumdog!! If you haven't seen these sites then you MUST!! They are both free and great!

The kids can log on at home to play on Sumdog and/or take their Xtra math quiz at home on the weekends. So the Animal tags are for them to keep in their STAR binders. They keep them in their binders where parents will be able to find them.

I really recommend these sassy tags. They are easily spotted in hallways and the kids get more attached to them than index cards.
I've been super excited about starting this school year with these programs. I'll be sure to keep you posted on how it's going!!

How do you keep your many log ons organized??


  1. Love that idea! I was just thinking today- GOOD GRIEF! They really only have one log on, but it takes first graders a long time to remember them!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. I love these! They are so cute! Each of my third graders has a computer lab folder. It has worked really well for us. Each student has a word strip with username on one side and his/her password on the other side. These can be taken out and placed above the keys on the keyboard so they can see them to type. For other sites like Raz-kids and ixl math I just print out the login info from the site, cut apart and staple to the inside pocket of the folders. The folders can then be used to hold anything that the kids are in the process of type such as animal reports or poetry. :)

  3. I love it!! My room is a beach theme and I got some cheap lei's at the Dollar Tree. I used my cricut to cut out surf boards for each student. On one side of the surf board is their computer login, and on the other is their AR login. {we only have those 2} I attached each surfboard to a lei. THey hang up in their cubby and when we go to CL, they grab their lei and out it on! So far it's worked!! {keeping fingers crossed!}

  4. My 4th graders are having a blast on I had a parent meeting the other night and they were asking if I could get the other sibling's teacher to use it. We have so many log ons for each site we are using, so I print each one on a label. Then we stick them to the first divider in my kids "MAGIC" binder...which is their take home folder. I also print a second log on that goes into their math journals.

  5. I teach special ed and don't have my own "class" per se, but this is a great idea! And thanks for sharing those sites - I'm always on the lookout for free educational sites that are fun :)

  6. My 3rd graders were issued a "computer license." It has their picture and all program log ins that we use. Head over to to check it out!


  7. I love those locker tags, where can I get them? Great idea!

  8. I got my locker tags at Learning Works and Wonders in Adrian, MI. They are wonderful there!!

  9. I have nominated your blog for the versatile teaching blog award!!!

    Head on over to my blog to accept your award button and get the rules for the award!

    Happy Blogging!

  10. Hi Julie,
    I'm giving you the Versatile Blogger award!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  11. What a great idea. As a homeschool Mom of 2 boys I have trouble keeping track on the boys' user names and passwords (I try to use the same username/ password combination so they learn them). This is a great idea. I am going to have to borrow this one... I think a fun character tag is a great idea. It would also be a great way for them to get their computer time and sign on by themselves. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


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