Sunday, September 25, 2011

Isn't This Cute?!

Yes!! I found it on Pinterest! You know I love that site! I have officially organized all the charts I pin to their own little spot.

I sooo love Pinterest! I swear it has made a huge difference in my teaching. I feel like I have a storage space for virtual lessons. If you take a second and pop on over to my Pinterest you will see what I mean. I would never remember where I found all these cute ideas or even what they were. Pinterest does that for me. I just check under the headings and Pinterest remembers that I have a sassy cute long o poem to go with my long o lessons that I'm doing and ta daaaaa my long o has some spark!

So I hope I've motivated you to take a look and jump on board!! Head on over and check out what else I've pinned! Make sure you follow along here and there because I'm always adding more!!

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I grabbed up these cute little diddies from the Techy Teacher and the Inspired Apple. Take a minute and check them out. They both teach 1st grade and have tons of wonderful things to share.


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