Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tickled Pink!! Thanks Girls!!

I'm tickled pink 
that two rockin bloggers thought I deserved 
the Versatile Blogger award!! 

I tell you what!! Compliments and kind words during these very busy times work like gas in my tank!! I really appreciate the boost girls!! I've been so very busy that I haven't had time to post! This year is going AWESOME!! I attribute the awesome year to having met so many wonderful resourceful people here in blog land!! 

Thanks Kimberly!!

Thanks Ms. Payton!!

Now per the rules I must tell you 7 things about little ol' me and then nominate some versatile bloggers that I so couldn't live without!!

1. I have a serious hankering for DC!! I LOVE it!! My hubby hates that I drink pop so he wake up each morning and makes me fresh green tea for the drive to work. But alas, I keep a stash in the fridge at work. hehe! Love you hunny!!

2. I love Modern Family and In the Middle! These shows crack me up!! I dvr them and watch them at random times cuz I'm too tired/busy to watch them when they are actually on. 

3. I get yucky headaches with the whole aura thing. I see stars and my vision gets all crazy! YUCK! I had one this week during our big testing and I managed to stay upright.

4. I'm a total soccer mom!! I love watching my kids play sports and I'm soooo the mom on the sidelines snapping pics and yelling!! (Yelling kind helpful things)

5. My co-workers are awesome! I have a wonderful group of sassy ladies ( and a couple gents) that I work with that make going to work each day feel like a party!! I've got your back girls! hehe - Basket ball Jones talk :)

6. I work out and run every night! HA!! Oh yeah, no I don't. I so should though!! I do play on an adult co-ed volleyball league on Tuesdays! It is about all the exercise I get unless you count working full time and keeping up with three kids 7 and under!

7. I LOVE comments!! I swear it makes my day that someone reads and values what I write!! Thanks so much to all of you that follow along!!

Now it's my turn to pass out some awards!! How fun is that!!!


3rd Grade's a Hoot

Ashleigh's Education Journey

Create Teach Share

Okay!! There you have it!! Wow!! That was one loooonnngg post!! I realize that a few of these ladies have already received this honor but hey I love them so much I think they deserve it twice!!  Trust me there were a few more I wanted to put on but I figure enough is enough.


  1. Thanks Julie!!! You are always so sweet! I feel the same about your blog, I always check your blog to see if you have posted :)
    I hope you are having a nice beginning of the year!

  2. How fun!!! I really love Modern Family and The Middle, too :) I'm sooooo glad all my shows are back!!

  3. Thanks so much for including me! I love your blog and visit often for inspiration!!!

  4. I just awarded it to you as well, even though you already had it...had to name you!!!
    Thanks, Nancy

    The Apple Basket Teacher


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