Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pinterest Explosion!

I don't know about all of you but I'm loving Pinterest!! I love how I can organize all the cool lessons I'm finding out there. Now, every time I spot a cool anchor chart or poster idea I just click and bam, it's all organized and saved for later. 
One of the first projects I pinned on pinterest is this gorgeous garland. 

I thought it was adorable and would look perfect running across my classroom. Well, it does!! I did it and it turned out beautiful!! I'm so glad I took the plunge! I will admit it took some time. I grabbed a strand of white Christmas lights out of the basement and draped them along the wall during a little family gathering. I had bought a bunch of fabric remnants at Walmart and I cut them into strips. I just visited and chatted while I walked along and tied the strips to the strand of lights. I would like to make it fuller but it will do just fine for now. My kids love it!! They all remind me to turn it on in the morning and all my co-workers have their eye on it. I really like the glow and ambiance that it gives the room.

It really does look way better than these photos. It was hard to take a picture of the lights down, window open, and garland lit up. 

Feel free to jump on over and check out all the cool ideas I've pinned over on Pinterest! I'm really trying to organize everything. I used to just stick all the pins under classroom ideas. I'm making a solid effort now to place pins in specific areas to make them easier to access. A lot of the ideas (especially the charts) I've already done before but I like the new ideas as far as wording or pictures.  

Hop on over and check it out!!
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  1. I'm a HUGE pinterest addict :) I love all of the fabulous teaching ideas I get on there. Actually just reorganized my boards for teaching this weekend because just having one was tooo crowded.

    The lights are so cute in your room! Love it :)

  2. Hey Girl!!! Love the garland! I have had the lights strewn across the top of my bulletin boards, but the that looks so awesome!!!!!
    Can you send me the link to the tpt store you said had the common core standards to post up as you teach for grades 3rd and 4th? I have the k-2, but not after that.
    I miss Yogi Bear camping!!!

  3. I am in LOVE with pinterest! I recently organized my pins because there were too many for just one teaching folder! I just started following you!

  4. I pinned that fabulous garland too!!! Soo cute!! I have become craft inspired by pinterest! I love hobbies!! :-)

  5. So addicted to Pinterest! That garland is great!
    I'm your newest pinning follower! YAY..


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