Thursday, September 29, 2011

Writing Workshop

Hello all you writer's workshop fans!!

I start off each year with mini lessons. 
We begin by brainstorming for writing ideas. 
Here are a few of the charts I whipped up this year so far. 

 I also do, think of a thing, emotion, etc. We practice each strategy for a few days and I grade them. I have them pick their favorite person brainstorm and I tell them ahead of time what I will be looking for. I expect them to follow the same format as I have demonstrated. 

They get- 
1pt for the person's name
4pts. for each seed idea
3pts for the beginning - middle - end sketches
2 pts. for the small amount of writing they get started with

This 10 pt scale makes for a very easy writing grade and it shows me who is on task and collecting actual writing ideas for when we really get down and dirty with our writer's workshop. 

When we get started with choosing stories to take to the finish they should have a whole slew of ideas to pick from.

After the brainstorming I jump into the Writer's Diner!! More info. to come on that awesome program!

Don't mind my terrible drawing inabilities!! I try!

What other brainstorming ideas do you use??


  1. Just have to say thanks for turning me onto Ingrid Michaelson - never heard her before your blog!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. I love this concept! I have kids make a "jot page" at the beginning of the year with a list of topics the like or are near and dear to their heart. It's a great tool to look back on when they're stuck and don't know what to write about :)

  3. ooo...I love these! Thanks so much for sharing, this is our first year of an official writer's workshop.

    I saw your comment about Pinterest, found your page here:


  4. I love the anchor charts you created with your students.

  5. I posted about this post and whipped up a quick anchor sheet to go with the chart! Thanks for such a great idea!

    The Write Handed Teacher

  6. I saw a previous BLOG post you made earlier about writing on someone else's blog. I posted this....

    I am a writing specials teacher k-4. I just really started getting into my BLOG this February. Come check it out. You may find some awesome ideas on there. Our state scores went from the bottom of the bucket to the top of the state in 3rd-5th in just one year!

  7. I love your anchor charts! Can you tell me more about the Writer's Diner?


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