Monday, September 5, 2011

Great/Free Math Help For The New Year!

Hey out there!! I hope you are all having a wonderful Labor day!! In Michigan Labor day is the signal for teachers and students that summer vacation is over. We all start back to work tomorrow. Of course we had in-service and such last week but tomorrow marks the real deal. I'm super excited and I can't wait to make this the best year ever!!

For the many of you that have been hanging with me you may remember me posting about a website called I started using it at the end of last school year. I really saw a huge improvement in my students fact recall in the short time I used it. It is free and easy to set up. I highly recommend using it on a daily basis.

I usually make my students bookmarks out of cute locker tags. On those tags I put -

1. Computer sign in and password
2. AR sign in and password
3. ZPD for book selection
3. Xtra math sign in and password

This year I'm going to add one more thing. I plan to put labels in the inside of their STAR folders with all this information so parents can see and use the information. That seems obvious but prior to this year the info. was only on the book marks. The labels will look something like this:

I found a wayyy cool new site called Sumdog. It is a math resource that I think will come in very handy. It allows students to practice math facts in a game format while keeping track of fact knowledge for the teacher. I plan to start it up next week.

I got this lovely idea from Janis over at Caffeinated Teacher. She has the label examples on her class website with her DOT folder explanation. I have to say her classroom website is AWESOME!! Take a look!

I hope your year is going fabulous!! 

Leave me a comment and 
let me know what you think!! 
I would love to hear from anyone that has experience with these programs!


  1. I popped over to see if you already received a TOP TEN....'cause you have been one of my TOP TEN from day one! Thanks for all your great ideas! Starting Tuesday I will be teaming! I will teach two blocks of Math a day & that's it! I can't wait to try SumDog! Thanks a bunch for the heads up on a great site!
    Best wishes for a wonderful first day!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!

  2. Thanks Fern!! I hope your year is going great!! I'm getting my crazy busy on! :) I hope the Sumdog is as cool as it looks.

  3. a student has an opportunity to understand math by intensively solving each problem that comes up. Some make a decision to get additional tutoring out of formal math class in order to reach best understanding of this subject and this way is preferable as math often takes unique approach.

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