Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hey blogger buddies!!

I hope all is well out in chaotic holiday blogger land!! In school we have been BUSY!!! We just had our first round of conferences and the holiday craze is soooo here!! 
We have been discussing adjectives. 

I read a cute book about bugs that focused on adjectives. I decided that I would grab out the fun stuff (paper, glitter, buttons, etc.) and we would make unique bugs of our own. They then made lists of words that described their bugs. I typed the lists out in a sassy font and they cut them with fun scissors. The bugs turned out a little more disorganized than I had envisioned but I must remind myself that they are only 3rd graders and they really did have soooo much fun making them.

Things are rockin busy at the Lutton house! I enjoyed some way super fun shopping after Thanksgiving. My "team" and I were in and out by 1:30ish. We have sooo much fun each and every year. My long time friend Jill and her supper sassy cousin Lexi and I usually stand in the cold a couple hours but man do we grab up bargains and laugh a ton! We kept calling ourselves shopping ninjas. :) Good time!
That is me in the WHITE coat. :)  At this time we had been waiting outside of Toys R Us for over an hour and it dawned on me that in all the years we do this I had never snapped a photo.


  1. love that adjective idea, what book did you read?

  2. Love the idea!!! I think I will have to "borrow" it for when we teach adjectives. Being in 3rd grade we don't get to get out much art supplies and I think my kids would go crazy for it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your anchor chart is SO cute! Thanks for the ideas :)


  4. Great idea!!! And, you are great for sharing it with us!!!! Bless you!!

  5. I love the anchor chart and will use it in my lesson

  6. I like it so much, I am going to use it!


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