Thursday, October 20, 2011

Decorations and Common Core

Hey bloggy buddies!! 
I hope life is treating you spooktacular!!! 
Hehe! I couldn't help it.   :)

I got a little Pintmotivated and decided to decorate my classroom door! It turned out pretty cute. The kids LOVE it!! I had pinned this sassy door a long while back and decided to make my move on some Franktastic door decor!

I originally pinned this door on Pinterest.
If any of you out there have a green door on your house you could whip up some Halloween magic! 

If you want to check out what other holiday/classroom ideas I've pinned then head on over and check out my Pinterest!! I'm telling you it's getting out of control!! I have over 700 followers over there! CRAZY!! I just really LOVE to pin. Seeing all the cute things everyone is making and doing motivates me to jump on board. Click on the button below to check it out! 

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If you liked the sassy Bat/writing project we have up next to our door than you just have to check out  
I'm loving this blog!! I did the bat project this week and I'm doing the matter gummy activity next week!! I of course have all this pinned so I can access it easily when I need it!

We had a ton of fun doing this project!! I turned it into a summary/review and my kids did a fantastic job!

One last note!! I now have a cool new tab on the right side of my blog! Do you see it sticking out from the side?? It says Common Core App.
A lovely friend at work showed me this app and it rocks!! It is super easy to install on your blog and tadda!!! You have instant access to the Common Core right on your blog. You just paste the given code under the gadgets on your design page. 

Head on over to Mastery Connect to grab your app up for free!!

Happy Blogging!!


  1. I want to make that exact same door.

  2. Ok so I clicked on your pinterest button to check you out and lo and behold, I already follow you!! ha ha

  3. Parker - Post pics when you do! I'm sure you can craft it up better than me. I'm craft challenged. :)

    Lori - Too funny! I'm going to go see if I follow you!

    Thanks for commenting girls!!

  4. LOVE the common core app! Thank you so much for sharing this neat little gadget. I will be posting about it and linking people back to you. Hopefully you'll get some new followers!


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