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Friday, May 6, 2011

Check It Out!!

Mother's Day Fun!
Our projects turned out pretty good! I had a couple turkeys, one with a very bad headache, and one that slammed his hand in the door, but we had a ton of fun! I need to stop avoiding crafty projects and hit them head on, so this was a good start for me. 

If you have never used Slide then you should really check it out! It's easy and they have some cool choices! 


Mrs. Saoud said...

Your kids did a fabulous job. We too made this project but some of my students went overboard adding details. Cute slide show!!

Primary Graffiti

Julie said...

Thanks Mrs. Saoud! We had fun. I was surprised at how much help mine needed. I forgot they weren't fourth graders. Next time I'll have templates for those that need them.

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