Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WOW!! Talk about Hairy Canary!

Today was a bang your head on your desk kind of day. I don't know if a full moon is upon us or if it's just spring fever but wow, my day was crazy. Kids were just over the top! I don't know how many times I had to count to 10 and take deep breaths. I think the rainy days and cool weather have worn out their welcome!! 

I'm excited about all my TpT buys though!! I've been downloading them and showing them to co-workers who have been ohhhing and ahhhing over them. I can't help but look off into the distance dreaming of all the cool things I want to do next year and thinking about new beginnings. I remind myself sternly that this year is full of promise with room for growth. I'm excited about the mother's day projects we are doing on Fri. I downloaded the cool lesson from Lesson Plan SOS.

How are all of you doing as we pull towards the end of the school year? Any tricks, complaints, favorite ideas, grade level changes or wild stories going on??


  1. I bought the mother's day activity too! Super cute! My kiddos are acting crazy too! But it rained here for about 2 weeks. Today was sunny and beautiful, and they were much better today. Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly for you!

    Third Grade Experience

  2. we did the sos make your momma art activity today and it was a HIT... I will post about it later!!! SOOOO CUTE!!!

  3. I thought I was the only one having one of those days! It was like the first day of school with no routines or rules set in place yet! My pateince was wearing very thin by the end of the day! I gave them quite the talk!

  4. Thanks for the link to the SOS Mother's Day craft. I was trying to search but you led me right to it. :)

    Try teaching in 100 degree heat. It was hot today!!! We have no A/C. I could not think nor could my kiddos.

  5. 100 degrees!?!?! Wow! I think I would teach a lesson on popsicles!! Thanks for the pick me up words girls!
    I'm excited about the project. I'll post pics!

  6. I had to laugh after reading your first paragraph because I just rambled on in similar fashion on my blog.
    That's the beautiful thing about being a teacher... there's always someone out there who understands what you're going through!
    Hope tomorrow's better!

  7. Here's my trick and it came from a 99 year old woman I taught with my first year {OK, so she looked 99, she was probably on 75!}
    I don't give candy as a reward ALL YEAR!!! I give a "salary" that they can spend in the treasure box. I think I posted it one time for you, anyhooooo....
    Then when things get really, really, really crazy at the end of the year, I start walking around with one M&M or one would think I had given them GOLD! It's all in the presentation, I will walk around during Daily Five/Centers and say, "Look how this group is living up to their expectations." Plunk, one teeny, tiny M& for me, but THEY LOVE IT! So far my Spring is going well! :) Then closer to the end it might be 2 M&Ms or even if they stop saying Thank You, the first person who says Thank You might "Hit the Jackpot" and get 10!! Yes 10 Skittles!! 10 whole, cheap as dirt Skittles ~ they love me & my candy! :)
    PS....This did not work for my 2 1/2years in Texas because we couldn't give food, so I just used glitter stickers. The backing paper ended up all over the room, but I still had the best behaved class in the hallway! :)

  8. PS...your cute button has died with the reinvention of your snazzy new web.... :(


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