Sunday, May 1, 2011

Taking A Second Crack At Newsletters - Freebie!!

Under Construction in Room 519

OK - Now I think I have it loaded. I had to do it all over in Power point. Ugh!

Newsletters have never been my specialty. I was just chatting with a co-worker on Friday about how I would like to be more consistent with sending home newsletters.

I saw some cute templates online and I decided to play a little. I'm not sure if this can be changed after being downloaded from Scribd. Let me know if it works this time. 

I attached this tracking your reading activity. I ended up copying the theme for the newsletter because I think the whole construction theme is cute.
BK Construction


  1. Very cute! I love that "banana" is one of your words. Any reason for the "Under Construction" theme?

  2. Not really - I was just messing around. I had another activity for reading on Scribd and I was copying the theme. I'll post it on here again.


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