Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Unlike the rest of the world I didn't get that I couldn't use ThistleGirl Designs or Lettering Delights graphics on any of my TpT creations. I guess I was kinda born yesterday.   :)
ThistleGirl requires a resellers license. Bummer!! Even bigger bummer is that the license costs over $100. Their stuff is soooo cute! I'm going to follow Dana's advise and wait for a sale before I can post my ThistleGirls stuff!
Scrappin Doodles is a okay with me using their sassy stuff to sell on TpT or share with all of you! Thanks so much Scrappin Doodles!!!
Scrappin Doodles

Does anyone know of any other sites such as Scrappin Doodles that allows one to create and share without spending big bucks???


  1. Try some of these:



  2. When I first heard about TPT about 4 years ago, I bought a $200 CD on www.countryclipart.com then didn't really do much with TPT, but I used the clip art a lot with my classroom and class web site...then being a Navy family and moving a lot, I lost the CDs, so I bought it AGAIN [I know, big Duh!} but on DVD. It is now down to $99 on her web site. I love her stuff, but it is an investment. That's why I don't buy much from who these other people use, 'cause I feel like I'm still trying to get my $400 out of the CDs & DVDs I bought TWICE! :)
    I'm going to look at those sites Ms. Magee wrote when I'm done cooking dinner!

  3. If you want to get a ThistleGirl license, wait until she has one of her big sales. I got mine around Christmas and it was pretty reasonable.

  4. Okay-- I am confused. I posted a question on the TpT forum just the other day & was told we CAN use Lettering Delights! Anyone have clarification on that?

    Primary Inspired

  5. I sent the following email to Lettering Delights and I will post their answer when they send it.

    I have purchased several of you $1 day products. I have made some sassy classroom activities and used your graphics throughout to spruce them up. May I feature my activities on my blog site and or sell my activities on TpT? There has been debate over the answer to this question and I would just like to clarify.


  6. I was confused about this as well so I sent Lettering Delights a similar email last week. They just responded yesterday saying that I would need to purchase the graphics for commericial use instead of personal use. The personal use graphics are the cheaper ones $1+ but to buy the same graphics to use commercially costst $12-$15 per set of graphics! I hope this helps. I will check back to see what they respond to you.



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