Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh No!!!!

I woke up yesterday feeling a little better. (I've been down and out all week.) I sat down with a (little) bowl of cereal planning to visit all of you in bloggy land but my plans ended abruptly. As I opened my laptop I heard a very scary popping noise. Yep, my screen busted! Good gravy!!!

I priced out new laptops but they didn't have what I needed until Wed.
Anyone have any computer buying advice out there??

Not having my laptop is not good for this TBA!!  :)


  1. I thought about you earlier today! (Hoping you were feeling better.)Sorry your computer is so messed up! Good luck!


  2. If you get a Dell, get their customer service package for 4 years - it's like $400, but if anything (you drop your computer, etc.) goes wrong with your computer, then you they come to your house and fix it!!! I have a Dell, and I would definitely get another one. I love this service plan I'm on though; it's made my computer worth it!!! I haven't had to buy a laptop for 5 years now because they replace mine.
    I also recommend Macs although I don't know which one to suggest. My sister has one for graphic design, and they never get viruses. Plus, if you live by an Apple Store, then you can take it in for advice and workshops and to get it fixed.
    Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks for thinking of me! It was a tuff week but I'm feeling much better. I must be getting old cuz I was down and out for a really long time.
    I priced laptops at Bestbuy and they seem to have Toshiba as the best bang for my buck. I compared Dells with them and the prices were wayyyy higher at Dell. I think I'm going to get the Toshiba Satellite at the 18 mo. 0%. They come in on Wed.
    I just hate spending the money. Ugh!


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