Friday, April 1, 2011


Spring break is here!!

I realize in the light of this mornings post this may look very bi-polar. Ha! :)
But, being a woman, mother of three, teacher of 3rd graders, and WONDERFUL wife who cooked an awesome dinner, this is just an average day!!! 

Conferences went well and I bit the bullet and decided where I want to be next year. I had to put in writing my choice for either third vs. fourth grade. The decision was painful but I went with third. I had a tuff first year in third grade this year. Let's just say this group broke me in. Ha!

The positives are that I love the curriculum, my co-workers are helpful and fun, and I loved seeing the awesome growth in my little ones. Third grade is a year of amazing growth! The bad is that I have to leave my bestest buddy Erin and beloved classroom/home away from home. I was allowed to stay in my "fourth grade" room because they didn't need it. Well, they need it now and so I'm out. The new room is nice enough, smaller, lacks a picture window view of the playground and the warming sun of the afternoon, but okay. Erin has been my rock and funny bone all in one for the past five years and even though I will only be down the hall it feels like a break up. Look at me stressing over something not final. The big P might just send my bu double tt to the first grade for all I know. I'm sure no matter where in the building I am, Erin will still bound into my room squeeling - I got 30%!!! hehe Kohls fans!!! 
(ok ok Pifer! That was me with the 30% last week and it ROCKED!!)

So, break is here and I'm chillin with my babies and kicking some serious laundry A double SS!! :)
A few trips to the playground, rollerblading, and cookie baking are in my very near future!! 

Life is crazy but life is GOOD!!


  1. Love your positive attitude!

  2. Enjoy your break! Mine was over too fast and then I was hit with sick kiddos my first week back so it was tough. Those end of year decisions are always tough. I may be making some soon as well!


  3. Julie my dear, I fully support your decision :) But let's clarify... YOU were the one busting in with the 30% off last week! I will miss you terribly you know that. Even if you are right down the hall <3 Love you lots Lutton

  4. It's nice to know where you'll be next year, isn't it? I'm glad you'll still be in one of the upper do we get more teachers from 3-5 on blogger?!?

    Enjoy your break, I hope the weather is beautiful :)
    Ladybug's Teacher Files


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