Monday, April 4, 2011

Kids Crack Me Up!

My three year old son Saywer just declared that if I didn't get him a hot dog he would be up all night long driving the car.
My  five year old Tyler proceed to ask - WHAT CAR???
Sawyer - Mom's car and I won't even turn on the lights!
Tyler  - You can't drive mom's car! You don't even have a driver's license! 
Saywer - Mom, how do you put the lights on anyways??

Later before bed my daughter Morgan was helping me put laundry away and I noticed a pair of jeans must have left marks on one of my hoodies.
Morgan (7)said - You should totally get Oxiclean. It would take care of that. Oxiclean makes things cleaner and stronger you know.  Yep, that needs Oxiclean.

Kids are a hoot! I swear I need to start a quote book for our everyday lives!


  1. Hi Julie! To make the collage, I take a snip it of each picture. Then I upload it to micorsoft word and play around with it. When I finish the whole collage, I take another snip it! In most PC's, snip can be found in the accessories tab.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions! :)

  2. That they do! My 5 year old asked for a clorox toilet bowl wand this xmas because he saw it on one of the commercials in between one of his cartoons. He was so serious. He thought it would do a good job!


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