Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teacher "Grade In"

Well, I want to be able to tell you that educators came in droves and we stood tall and proud sending  messages of unity, strength, and pride. But, it didn't really play out like that. We were set to show up and "Grade In" the Briarwood mall. But, Briarwood decided last minute like that they didn't want us. The organizers scrambled and ended up recommending the U of M diag. The turn out was dispersed around the local cafes in order to stay warm and dry. Pifer and I sat in the diag for a bit and watched Channel 4 from Ann Arbor talk and shoot pics. It was funny the anchor man was young and handsome. He seemed kinda nervous but did  a great job. When he was done with his spiel the ladies all patted his back and gave encouraging words. What a bunch of teachers. :) Great job - You sounded wonderful!  hehe!

I have pictures for you and I hope that more of these "Grade Ins" can be scheduled with more success.

Thanks for the support and kind words!



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