Sunday, March 4, 2012

National Geographic Explorer/Pathfinder

On my last post I mentioned a student magazine that I use to teach nonfiction. Well, I failed to mention what magazine that was. Oops! I've been getting this amazing magazine for the past two years and I use it for all kinds of things. It has awesome eye catching articles that go right with many science/social studies GLCEs. The magazine comes in different reading levels. The articles essentially stay the same. Both levels have an article about rock climbing with the same pictures. The lower level has larger print and easier to read text. I can then differentiate and have higher readers being challenged while my lower readers are not threatened. Click on the picture below to see what they offer online for students and teachers.

I was in no way solicited to push this magazine. I just really find it that valuable.


  1. I am a big fan of your blog! I'm passing on an award to you. Please come check it out @

  2. I am also subscribed to this magazine and find that its a great resource! :)


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