Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stepping Out of the Box

I had the opportunity to step outside of my box last week. Our local ISD asked if they could come in and video tape me during Daily 5. I was super chicken but decided I needed to step outside of my comfort zone. So permission slips were sent home, my kids got busy planning their wardrobes, and my room got a good scrub down. You should have heard my girls all fired up planning what they would wear. I was tickled the morning of the taping when my boys came in with their hair all gelled up. Too cute!

I have used the Daily 5/CAFE in my classroom for the past four years and I really do love it! My third grade co-workers started it this year and they are excited about the results they are seeing in their classrooms. The ISD plans to run some Daily 5/CAFE workshops this summer and they wanted a video showing teachers in our county using the model in their classrooms. I was SUPER nervous but I think it went well. They taped me teaching a mini lesson on text to self connections and then conferencing with students one on one. For the last bit I had to stand three feet from the camera and answer interview questions while my students worked quietly in the background on their Daily 5 choices. I got a little tongue tied but my kids in the background rocked it out!! I was sooo proud of them that day! The woman who taped us had announced that they could expect her to walk around and tap their shoulder if they needed to focus or settle down during the session. As she packed up she looked up all of the sudden and remarked on how she hadn't had to tap a single shoulder. They were so impressed with the kids behavior.

She sent me some of the pictures that she took with her camera and I have them here for you to see. I love the one of the little guy in the green chair. Sooo cute! He is so on task and it's funny how his shoe laces match the bean bag. Remember this summer when I was debating the bean bag chairs? Well they have worked out great!! I totally recommend them!

In the end, I'm super flattered that they asked to come to my room for the taping and proud of myself for conquering my fears and letting them come.


  1. Congratulations- that is amazing! Will you be able to share the video on here?


  2. Good question Julie! I have no idea! :) I'll ask and see. I'm so nervous and excited to see the end product!!

  3. Awesome job!! You definitely deserve a relaxing and pampering weekend for stepping out of the box and doing such a wonderful job :) Well behaved kiddos are a reflection of a great teacher!! I would love to see that video also, as I'm wanting to start daily 5 and CAFE next year. Would you mind sharing some posts about it to help some newbies out??

    Thanks a bunch
    Teaching in Paradise

  4. Courtney you are so very kind! I will def. put some D5 and CAFE posts into action! You really should give them. You will love the results! Thanks for following along!

  5. That's awesome Julie!!! I would give my eye-teeth to see you in teaching action...I think your work is incredible and I've missed seeing your classroom on here.

    By the way, I am the same about cameras! I feel like I talk a mile a minute and look totally flustered! It is always worth it in the end, but eek! :)


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