Monday, February 21, 2011

Leave A Direct Link to Your Blog in Your Comments!!

I admit this came straight from the ladybug. She rocks!! Her site is a great inspiration. If you haven't gone for a visit then you should type on over there as fast as you can. She has all kinds of cool ideas and helpful hints!

Leave a direct link to your blog in your comments by typing in the following code under your comment.

I used Lady Bug's site in my example since I found this on her page.  Thanks!!

<a href="">Lady Bug's Teacher Files</a>

<a href="Your url with no spaces"> Your description with spaces </a>


  1. Nice blog! I love your layout. I am also new to blogging. Check out my blog, as well as my classroom book review blog.

    Kid Revolution

    Reading Characters Will Build Character

    Did I do this right??

  2. I was wondering how this was done! Thanks for posting this!

    Time for Teaching


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