Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh Friday!! I LOVE you!

I officially survived the week back from break! The kids were a little spring feverish but good. Routines and familiar faces are nice. I finally announced to the kids that we were looping. I have to say I was really nervous. I don't know what I expected their reactions to be, but I was anxious I would see disappointment or a big "OH NOOOOO" in their eyes. It turns out they all cheered and began to yammer about how awesome the whole thing was. I had a jokester who grabbed his head and fell to the ground with a loud - "Oh no, not again!!" but he was teasing. (I think:) I sent the letters home and didn't receive any -Over my dead body!! phone calls. :) All in all things were good.

On another note I received another email from a neighboring district asking to visit and observe my classroom. I'm flattered and motivated to whip up some worthy lessons. They are coming to see my D5 in action. I hope I don't disappoint. This will be our 3rd group since Christmas break. Pretty cool. Once upon a time someone made me feel like a horrible teacher and I've been on a mission ever since to prove them wrong. Maybe I owe them a thank you! :) NOT!! hehe!

My Pinterest followers have exploded since the whole charts post. If you haven't checked it out take a look!!

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I have a BIG giveaway in the works!! I haven't done one in a long time so I'm a little nervous. Expect awesome stuff to be coming soon!! I'm doing a product review and then a giveaway. I just want to really use the items a while in my room before I post.

I hope April is treating all my blogging buddies right!! 
Happy weekend everyone!!
Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Currently April!! Check It Out!!

I'm excited to link up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her Currently April!! I don't think I have ever done this before. I always think it looks cute but don't have the time. Well girls, it's spring break and I'm making time!!

Thanks Farley for the fun!! To link up and join the fun just click on her button below!! By the way she is having a super sassy giveaway to make it extra juicy!!

My boys love to play the Wii especially Lego Star Wars. They are CRAZY about it. My daughter hates it and insists on making them miserable by singing during their play. This all makes for super annoying arguments too early in the morning. :) 

I'm super excited to say that it is SPRING BREAK!!! Yipeeee! I'm also excited to report that I'm out of my funk and working out again! Hopefully just in time for the summer fun I expect to partake in. I will say I was motivated by a Pin on Pinterest. I often pin inspirational quotes and messages. I almost missed this one because the cool info. was on a backdrop of a too hot lookin chic. I'm glad I read it though. I'm taking the jumping jack challenge. Even if I do nothing else I will do my jacks and push ups!! :) I think I can, I think I can!! Check it out here under Workout Inspiration!

Yep, we are moving! We aren't ready just yet but I'm trying to get things around and packed. This is a real challenge with my three wild ones!! That's 3 little one ages, 4, 6, and 8, for those of you that are new to me. :0) 

I'm planning to make it to the movies before break ends. We shall see. :) I read the books over a year ago and loved them. 
It's official!! I'm looping to the 4th grade and I'm super excited about it. I send the letters home on Monday when I get back from break. I did tell a couple parents who were VERY positive and excited. One actually started jumping up and down and clapping! She just about made me cry. I taught 4th grade for four years before I started in 3rd two years ago. I like 4th but my heart will always be in 3rd. Lucky me, my principal let me know I can head right back to 3rd when my loop is done!! YIPEEE!!

I could so use an energy button to keep me going like the cute pink energizer bunny!! I would need a dose of positive to help make everything run smooth. Seriously!! Who couldn't do with a dose of positive energy?!?! Yeppers, that's what I thought!! :)

Thanks for reading along and commenting!!

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