Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh Friday!! I LOVE you!

I officially survived the week back from break! The kids were a little spring feverish but good. Routines and familiar faces are nice. I finally announced to the kids that we were looping. I have to say I was really nervous. I don't know what I expected their reactions to be, but I was anxious I would see disappointment or a big "OH NOOOOO" in their eyes. It turns out they all cheered and began to yammer about how awesome the whole thing was. I had a jokester who grabbed his head and fell to the ground with a loud - "Oh no, not again!!" but he was teasing. (I think:) I sent the letters home and didn't receive any -Over my dead body!! phone calls. :) All in all things were good.

On another note I received another email from a neighboring district asking to visit and observe my classroom. I'm flattered and motivated to whip up some worthy lessons. They are coming to see my D5 in action. I hope I don't disappoint. This will be our 3rd group since Christmas break. Pretty cool. Once upon a time someone made me feel like a horrible teacher and I've been on a mission ever since to prove them wrong. Maybe I owe them a thank you! :) NOT!! hehe!

My Pinterest followers have exploded since the whole charts post. If you haven't checked it out take a look!!

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I have a BIG giveaway in the works!! I haven't done one in a long time so I'm a little nervous. Expect awesome stuff to be coming soon!! I'm doing a product review and then a giveaway. I just want to really use the items a while in my room before I post.

I hope April is treating all my blogging buddies right!! 
Happy weekend everyone!!


  1. Oh my gosh girl, you are too funny! Of course your kids are THRILLED to be back with you!! I'D want to be in your fourth grade class if I could! And those lucky teachers who get to come see you--I wish I could too! I'm jealous!!! :)

  2. ohmagoodness, congrats on the observation- that is quite the honor! I completely agree w/you- a negative comment is the BEST motivator, although I would NEVER tell that person :)

    Are you going to be coming back to 3rd after next year? Or is the looping a permanent move to 4th? There are definitely some years I would love to do that- I think it will be a great opportunity :)

    Happy weekend!

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  3. Thanks so much girls!!
    You are too kind! The observation isn't a big deal. Our county has jumped on the D5 wagon and they want to check out a classroom that has been doing it for a while. (ME:)
    It is a nice compliment though.

    Yes! I've been told I get to come back to 3rd the following year and I'm very happy about that. I was once torn between 3rd and 4th but I think my heart has been captured by 3rd.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting!! :)

  4. It's a nice feeling to have someone WANT to come and see what you do! Congratulations! I am looping down next year to second- with the plan that I'll bring that group up to third. It will be something new for me but I'm excited!
    Light a Fire in Third Grade

  5. Hi! I'm over at and am your latest follower. i'm most likely going to be in third grade next year and am glad I found your blog! I have looped with my students several times and LOVE it! I think it the most effective for students, parent relationships, routines, and the kids are so excited at the beginning of the next year!! Come by my blog if you feel :)

  6. Thanks for posting this! When you said that someone made you once feel like a horrible teacher I can totally relate! I felt like you were writing for me. :)

  7. As an experienced teacher and new blogger, I love your blog! You speak to and inspire me.



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