Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Need Help

I finished my library labels and they turned out super cute!! I did them in PP and it took about 16 slides. I'm having trouble loading them on Scribd or on Google docs. Both programs upload them to page 5. 

I don't understand why the whole file isn't loading. Anyone?? Thoughts?? Do those programs only take certain size files? I know many of you load large things and so I'm calling out for help! 

When I figure it out there will be a freebie for everyone.


  1. Did you save the file as a pdf first?

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  2. Can you save them as pdf files? That seems to work best. I downloaded a word document to google docs and it didn't transfer the graphics. When I changed it to a pdf file...all was well.

    Looking forward to your labels.


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    Fabulous 4th Grade

  3. Did you publish your powerpoint as a PDF? I was able to upload my powerpoint as a PDF and it had well over five pages.

    If you still have trouble, try 4shared to upload.

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  4. I use Scribd for everything, you have to save as a PDF first. Then you should be able to upload.

  5. I already converted it to pdf. I don't know what is up. I wonder if it being PowerPoint is the problem. UGH!

  6. I had this problem when I saved as a pdf...but if you have a mac print and choose pdf tab then choose save as pdf and all is well. If you have a pc there are programs you can download that convert your pdf when you print. Hopefully this won't confuse you!! Good luck!

  7. The file may be too big. I agree with the .pdf comments. I would break up the slides into 3's or 4's and then try uploading them. Since you said it loaded up to slide 5, slide 6 maybe corrupted and may need to be made again; however, I would try breaking them up into smaller files first. :)


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