Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is Anyone Else on the Brink of Panic?

Every year I get that little (ok big) feeling of panic. How will I get this all in order and make it into what I want/need in just a few weeks? I take deep breaths and keep on trucking. Eventually all is well and I always make it happen. 

This year I moved and holy macaroni and cheese is my room a disaster!! Last year I was switched to 3rd grade with the know that I would/could teach 4th again the following year. So, I didn't switch most of my materials out. I just left things like my library alone knowing that I would be back to 4th. I was allowed to stay in the same room and all. Well, long story short I fell in love with 3rd grade and I decided to stay. Which meant moving all that I had and actually converting it to 3rd.

This meant really converting my library. I'm reorganizing my books and storing away the higher level books. Last year I found that even 3rd graders who could read a higher level still struggled with staying engaged in longer text. I'm going to tuck some higher levels away in the cupboard until the end of the year when some of my gifted readers build ample stamina.

The rest of my room is a little better off but the bulletin boards haven't been touched. I'm going to consider these my before pics. I hope this will motivate me to put some hustle in my bustle. I have three little ones under 7 and they DO NOT get excited about going in to work on mommies room.

I know the rest of you are experiencing similar feelings. It's nice to know I'm not alone! I was going to do a before/after photo linky party but I know that Leslie from Kindergarten Works is starting one on Monday. I plan to link up to that one. Maybe it will get me moving a little faster.


  1. Oh, Julie, Julie, Julie!! My things are still piled in my dad's trailer!! At least you have all of your things in your classroom :) I get to start working this week hopefully! We had a little flooding problem last week...we're getting a new roof and the roofers put tarp down before it rain, but no such luck...we still had standing water in some classrooms! Oops! Good luck and can't wait to see your after pictures!!

  2. I am terrified! I have to teach 3rd grade this years after many, many years in 4th and primarily 5th. I am the most concerned about my classroom library. Most of my books are geared for higher lever readers. Unfortunately, the hubs is out of work and money is seriously tight. I don't know how I am going to Daily 5 in my room if there are no good books to choose from. Sorry for the rant, but that's my panic right now.

  3. I get freaked out every time I go into my room. 15 days until the kids get there and I am still trying to find places to put stuff!! I am trying to figure out D5 & Cafe and add in some Book Whisperer and Journeys. We still don't even know how we are going to teach writing this year! Oy Vey!

  4. I just had to move my room (for the 3rd year in a row!), and it is a hot mess right now! Good luck getting yours straight!!! And I heart 3rd grade too...the absolute best!

  5. I'm right there with ya! The teacher before me retired after 30 years in the same classroom and she, apparently, didn't throw things away. I worked for several hours already but still have a lot to do. Good luck and I'll be excited to see your before and after.


  6. It's going to look great! I used to teach 4th too and had to move to third. Now I love it and hope to here for a while. I also pulled out some of my books in my library, because I think I got to the point where the quantity of books was a little overwhelming. I slowly add more during the year.

  7. I know the feeling! I moved to third last year after teaching second for nine years. I packed and stored some of my "baby" books, but kept my library fairly intact. Now...I will be the building Writing Teacher and I brought my entire library home. I am not willing to part with the books just yet after all the money I spent. So during the summer I have been categorizing and packing into plastic Rubbermaid boxes (new) and my husband is outfitting the spare room closet with a closet system to hold said boxes. I'm starting to realize that it would have been cheaper to get rid of the books and start fresh if I ever went back into the class, but I'm too far into the project to stop now!! LOL!
    The Write Handed Teacher

  8. I feel your anxiety!! This is my 5th classroom in 5 years! I definitely know what to expect, but getting the room together in 8 days is no walk in the park either! This year I have a new challenge **co-teaching**. I love every minute of it though! I'm so excited to put in action all of the amazing ideas I've found this summer stalking blogs! You'll do great! I can't wait to see!!


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