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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Have You Checked This Out Before?

I stumbled on to today. I've seen the site before but never made a purchase. I have co-workers who have tried it and suggested it to me. 

Until the 13th of this month you can type in the 
promo code SUN 
when you check out for an extra 80% discount. 

I just purchased 4  - $25 GC's for $2 a piece 
total = $8!! I grabbed up GC's to a new restaurant in a nearby town. 

Go on and type in your zip code to search for restaurants near you. If you live in the boonies like me you might have to widen the search range. The GC's are saved in your account and don't get removed until you actually use them at the restaurant. I've been told that they never expire. You will have to read up a little because I'm a novice.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes!!


Stacey said...

Thanks! Igot some great deals. The promo code works!, :)

Anonymous said...

wow-thamks for the tip! I got $75 worth for $7.50-two of them to a place we always go, and one to place we wanted to try!! THANKS

Rachel Lynette said...

I just saw your post today and was still able to use the promo code! I got $100 dollars worth of coupons for one of our favorite places for just $8.00...that is just crazy!!

Thanks bunches!

Minds in Bloom

Rachel Lynette said...

Amazing, thanks! I didn't see your post till today but the promo code still worked. I got 4 $25 off certificates to one of our favorite places for just $8.00 That is insane!

Minds in Bloom

Fern Smith said...

This was crazy great! Thanks for the heads up! I got $275 for only $24!!! We live right by St. Augustine Beach so I selected places there so that we can enjoy some little road trips for a different place to eat lunch or dinner as the summer comes to an end! All the certificate printed out fine & there is NO expiration date!

Julie said...

I'm glad you all managed to grab some up! I think we better keep our eye on this for future sales!

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