Monday, July 4, 2011

Money Savings Alert!! :)

Now you ladies know I love me a goooood DEAL! This week you can all run out and get free toothbrushes!!

Oral-B Advantage or Cross Action Toothbrushes

CVS - 3.00    Minus 1.00 Extrabucks (ECB)
                      Minus 2.00 coupon from yesterdays paper 
There is a limit to TWO per household at CVS

Extrabucks (ECB) are printed out after the transaction. They act as money/GC toward your next purchase. So, If you bought two toothbrushes and got two ECB you could then go in later or the next day or in ten minutes and buy two 1.00 gums using your ECB and they would be free.

Oral-B Advantage or Cross Action Toothbrushes
Walgreens - 2.99 Minus $1 Register Reward (RR)

                                    Minus $2/1 coupon from yesterdays paper
Register Rewards work much like CVS's ECB but Walgreens will only print 1 RR per transaction. So if you want to get multiple toothbrushes here you must do several transactions or walk in with the family. :)

I believe Rite Aid has them too but I don't shop there very often and I'm not exactly sure how their system works. 

I always buy 6ish papers each week so I'm all set on coupons. But, if you are thinking darn it I didn't get the paper and my family of 10 could really use toothbrushes. hehe You could check out this cool site which sells coupons. She is fast and I have never had a problem. 

 I know it seems weird to buy a coupon but the coupon costs .20 cents and shipping is very reasonable. It is like paying .25 cents for the toothbrushes. You have to spend 5.00 for her to ship so you would want to look around the site and search for other things you might like that you know are on sale. I usually look at the ads right away on Sun. and if I need to order anything I place an order on Sun. night. That way my stuff gets shipped out right away on Mon. I usually get my coupons by Wed. / Thurs.  That leaves me plenty of time to hit the sales before they end on Sat. 

If you still think it is weird then consider my Minute Maid frozen treats hit!! I bought 44 boxes of the frozen treats from Kroger for free (or the small fee it took to order them. Wow minimal) My dad liked them so much I ordered more coupons from Dede and we are getting them before the sale ends on the 10th.

So, if you want to stock up for your family or your treasure chest at school then jump on the Oral-B Sale!!


  1. It is crazy isn't it!?!?! The fact that we didn't know about it sooner in life! :)
    Walgreens also had the other Oral-B 2 for $2 and with the $2/1 coupon that made them both completely free out of pocket! We got 8 yesterday! :)

  2. Thanks for the tip!

    PS: I'm having a giveaway!


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