Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top 10

1.  I have three beautiful children and I would have more if my hubby would let me.  :) Morgan who is seven and is so tall she looks eleven. Tyler who just turned six and is one wild red head! Sawyer who just turned four and thinks he is hilarious.

2. I'm married to my high school sweetheart. We graduated together in this little town of Manchester where we still live happily ever after. At least our version of happily ever after.   :)

3. I work with the most awesome people ever! I'm fortunate to call my co-workers my friends. I don't know what I would do without them. They inspire, motivate, encourage, and stand by me always. 

4. I teach 3rd grade. This will be my 2nd year. Previous to 3rd grade I taught 4th for four years. Previous to 4th grade I taught in a regional self contained classroom for the emotionally impaired. The 6 years I spent in that setting left me with a much different perspective on life and its possible realities. 

5. I love being a teacher. I love to learn new things and I love to inspire the students in my classroom.

6. I'm a blogging addict!! I love to blog and it feeds right into my love of learning new things.

7. I've become a crazy couponer!! I love hitting the stores and scoring deals. I buy at least 6 papers a week and I map out the hits and then jump from store to store to grab up the good stuff. I have quite the stash in the basement all arranged nicely on the shelves my hubby put up for me. I have to admit I shouldn't stock up on any more junk food. hehe!

8.  My children commute and go to my school with me. We drive 35min. every day to school. I love being with them and I love to hear them chit chat about their day or sing to the radio. Yes, they fight and complain and nag at each other too. This coming year will be their last year at my school and they will switch over to our hometown. I'm going to miss them something terrible!! But, I will get some alone time and I will be able to hit the grocery without three kids in tow. Yikes!

9.  I'm afraid of water and I can't swim. Lakes freak me out but I do manage to get in occasionally for the kids sake. I think I could actually swim but I get panic attacks so that would be the true issue. 

10. I drive too fast. My car is always a mess. I talk too much and I don't care. I love to sing. My hubby and I love reality tv but I could never be on it. We love to camp but only get to go a couple times a year. My hubby is a workaholic but I still love him!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I am loving getting to know more about everybody!



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