Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sunday Savings Linky!!

I'm starting up my Sunday Savings linky a day early this week. I know several of you have been thinking of linking up. So get on it!! 
My scores include:

36 Oral B Toothbrushes!  
 I paid sales tax and I think .08 cents per coupon. 
So, each toothbrush cost me .15 cents!!

11 Bottles of KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce
They cost me .50 cents each!

84 Boxes of Minute Maid Frozen Treats
These were .08 cents a box. (That is the fee to buy the coupon) I rang up for $$$0$$$ at the register. It was soooo cool!! You should have seen me! Please don't think I'm crazy!! I gave these away to family members. My dad and my mother n law ended up REALLY liking them and so I stocked up their freezers. They are yummy 100 cal treats. 

Chex Mix and Crystal Light
I hit Meijers and left with 
10 bags of Chex Mix  
8 containers of Crystal Light

Total cost was $13.26

It was fun but very time consuming. Since I live out in the middle of the boonies it took me a while to do all the driving. It was worth it though. 

I hope you can link up even if you save on a 2 liter!!


  1. This look great! I think "buying" coupons is a great way to go- not sure how to do it. Since you like FREEBIES come on over to Life's a Teach!! to win my giveaway!!!

  2. Wowweeee! Amazing! Did the store call you when the boxes were in? Was the manager cool? I meant to ask you that before! :)
    Thanks for the heads up on the Sharpie!

  3. Where do you buy your coupons?

  4. You can go to my Coupon Clipping Sqworl page to see all the sites I've found that clip and sell. I've only actually ever bought from Dede. She is fast and dependable. I usually order on Sun. or Mon. and get them by Wed. or Thurs.
    My Sqworl pages are located on the right of my blog but the direct link is:
    Happy Clipping!!


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