Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Feel Like I Won A Giveaway!!

So, I know I'm due for my giveaway and I keep saying it will be soon but I have been REALLY BUSY! School lets out for me next Thursday. I have to keep my little darlings happy and on track for 3 half days next week. Who thought 3 half days was a good idea??? I have NO idea! I see some serious cleaning and moving in my future. I have to pack up my classroom and move it down the hall. I'm not complaining because I know how many of you have larger challenges in front of you. I'm glad for the opportunity to get cleaned up and organized. I'm going to miss my old room and my old neighbor so very very much!!! As I clean I get choked up but I looking on the positive side.

Now for the real reason for this post!! Girls!! I know I've been harping on about the couponing but I'm so far gone I can't turn back! :)
I will post my "real" giveaway very soon. (I promise!) But, for now I thought I would give you a little taste of a giveaway coupon style!! hehe!

Yesterday I hit the couponing jackpot! I will post pics and numbers later. I'm going to have a linky up later today so check back to see my madness in full boar! Better yet play along and link up. My shopping was big but yours could be as little as getting one item at super savings!!

Here it is!!! I got 17 boxes of these frozen treats for FREE!!! I have 31 more coupons so they are ordering me the rest and I just have to go pick them up. My little kiddies will be crunching on this yummy frozen ice for a while! It doesn't expire until 8/12!!! A fellow blogger posted a comment about these a week ago and I jumped over to Coupons And Things By DeDE and order a bunch of coupons for next to nothing!! You should have seen the cashiers face when the total was 0.00. Priceless!! I will admit my face was a little shewie!

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  1. I fell off the coupon bandwagon when my twins were born, but I was hardcore before that. Oe of my summer goals is to get back into that. CVSing is Addictive. Have you checked out A Full Cup? And those frozen lemonades are scrumptious!!! :) Jodi (Clutter-Free Classroom)


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