Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Savings Linky!!

Ok - Here is a look into the wild and crazy couponing day I had yesterday!! I couldn't take a pic of everything cuz just the thought was too tiring. I had tons of fun and saved TONS of money!! Right up front I will say I wouldn't normally buy things in such large quantities but I was buying for more than just my family.

This is a snapshot of my loot!! I don't have it all in here.
For instance I bo
ught 88 bags of combos and they are sooooo not all in this photo! I plan to sell them for snack next year or have them in my treasure chest. They were on super sale and I couldn't pass it up. I have tons more marinade as well. Only half of them are in the photo. I found these on accident when I went in to Kroger to grab my free frozen treats. They were on sale and I used a coupon to get them for .69 cents. BONUS!!
last grab of the day was 17 boxes of these yummy frozen treats for free!! I have coupons to get 44 boxes but the rest are coming in later next week. Too yummy and a great summer treat!! They don't expire until 8/12!!! Bonus!!

Spent: 12.59
Saved: 42.35

9 Boxes of Infinity Always Pads
4 Boxes of Tooth Paste
2 Rainchecks on the DC 4pks

$7 In Extra Buck for my next visit!!

I spent: 212.66
I saved 357.45

We (my mom, daughter, and I) walked up to the register
with three carts heaping full!!
2 --pks of Hamburger buns
18--Tubs of Country Crock Butter
5 --Boxes of Captain Crunch
8 --Boxes of Keebler Wheetables
10--Cartons of Florida's Natural OJ
5 -- Small Cans of Bushes Baked Beans
10 -Jars Of Smucker's Grape Jelly
11 - Peppers - Red -Orange - Yellow Mix
15 -Boxes of Hamburger Helper
30 -Boxes of Suddenly Salad
26 -Cans of Grands Biscuits
21 -Bags of Carrots
88 -Bags of Combos
16 -Boxes of Pizza Rolls
8 --Gallons of Sunny D
6 --Boxes of Salad Mix

My handsome hubby is officially on board with buying a second fridge and I pick up my (new to me) stand up freezer tomorrow!! YIPEEE!!! We could barely fit all this in my mom's car!! Too crazy!!!
Spent: 3.33
saved: 12.00

3 - 6packs of of Bounty for 1.11 a piece!

Spent: 9.69
Saved: 20.97

3 -8packs of Bounty for 3.23 a piece!!

It was one wild busy day but wow did I clean up!

Now link up and tell me how you did!!


  1. Most of your post is not a readable font, it is kind of like Webdings or Wingdings. It might just be my computer, so we'll see what others might say...I could only read up where to link, I couldn't read your details!
    Happy Sunday,
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

  2. no its showing up unreadable on mine too ...

  3. I am so jealous! You guys score some great deals. I so need to get with the prgram
    Barrow's Hodgepodge


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