Friday, June 10, 2011

Off The Deep End! :)

Many of you suspected it but I think it's official!! I've gone off the couponing deep end! hehe! I just purchased an adorable tote to organize all my lovely coupons! I was just telling my hubby last night that I was ready to progress to the three ring binder and then today I found this!!

I thought it was adorable! So I got one. hehe! It was hard to spend the money even after I searched and found a coupon for it! But, I figured I deserved it after all the money I've been saving! Right?!

Type on over and check them out!


  1. I'm not into couponing yet, but I do love that coupon bag!

    Mrs. Randall’s Learning Library

  2. Haha, I love that you had a coupon to buy a coupon organizer - that's great ;)

  3. Yipeeeeee! I love these! Heather {the 16 y/o} and I looked at them & we wanted the cow one too!!! Let us know after you've used it a week or so what you think...I am so going to get one if you like it! :)
    By just doing Walgreens today I spent $58 and came home with $293 in items! I just put a picture up!
    Fern's Coupon Savings!
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

  4. I have just found you through TBA blog hop and and now a keen follower. Looking forward to connecting with you,



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