Monday, June 27, 2011

I See Treasure Everywhere!!

Ok! So maybe you have noticed the slight hoarding tendencies that have broken out since my couponing craze began. My husband noticed as well! Were you wondering what I was planning to do with all those tooth brushes and bottles of lotion?? Did you figure I had a couple hundred bottles of spaghetti sauce under my toddlers bed?? 

I'm stocking up on free stuff to put in my treasure chest!! I've never had a treasure chest before and I plan to get one next year. I'm trying to get creative with my stash and make my chest one worthy of excitement. I plan to have more than just candy. 

Learning/Brain Tools
Pencil/Eraser stuff
Food (good food that was on sale)

So..... What do you put in your treasure chest??

Any suggestions for my exciting supply?


  1. My is filled with things from the dollar spot, the kids fought over the gel pens, but you asked
    Pencils, erasers, army men, dinosaurs, markers, bouncy balls, gel shaped braclets, mini notepads, race cars, the kids love the smiley face pencil top erasers from Oriental Trading. I should go look in my garage but I am having too much fun blog reading! (I have K-3) We can't have candy or food in ours, district policy. Hope this helps ;) If you really need more ideas I can go look, let me know:)

  2. That is such a good idea!:)

    We put coupons in ours: Use a pencil for a day, sit at the teacher's desk, use the rocking chair all day, homework passes, etc. Plus, they are free!!


    Third Grade Bookworm


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