Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday Savings!!

I'm so sorry I announced my winner so very late last night!! But, on an exciting note, I had my first negative transaction last night!! Yep, I'm talkin coupons again!! hehe! I bought $47 + dollars worth of yummy stuff last night at Meijers and I received .02 cents back!! Too Cooooool!! Right??!!

I walked out with:

5 Bottles of Sweet Baby Ray's Marinade
5 Bottles of Sweet Baby Ray's Dipping Sauce
10 Bottles of Dial lotion

Cool HUH?!?!


  1. You blow my mind!! How do you do it?! Teach me!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Thanks girls! I was so stinkin excited when I left the store but it was so late I couldn't call anyone to shout my excitement!! I buy 6-8 papers every Sun. I look through them first to make sure I can justify the price of the paper before I buy. I clip, store, then wait for the sales! Look at my previous posts on couponing to see some cool sites to follow.

  3. Julie,
    You are crackin' me up! I love that you are saving so much money. One of my best friends (another local teacher) just started couponing too and she is saving tons of money. I'm couponing too, but nothing as sophisticated as your operation. Although I must confess I considered posting a picture of my tiny little stockpile of Pantene the other day. Good for you!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. Okay, Julie. I'm clipping and couponing and I have my sites I check multiple times daily (do you know
    but I can't justifying buying quite so many multiples since it's just me. I guess I need a few more and better lessons!
    Lessons Learned


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