Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Reading This Summer

I have grand plans to read these book this summer! I hope I realize those plans. I know from the reviews and from co-workers that they are well worth the $$. I would love for you to leave a comment if you have read any of these!! Maybe that can help me decide which to read first! I plan to add to the list but I couldn't remember a couple of the titles that I have at work.

I have already read the Daily 5, Cafe, and Strategies That Work, but they are a must review every summer! I consider these books my must haves!


  1. The Cafe book is great, however I really learned more subscribing to their website. It helped for me to watch the videos of the lessons. PLUS Daily 5 videos too!

    I have Strategies that work- kinda boring, but the lessons part is worth reading! This is how I teach reading (Reading with Meaning- Debbie Miller + Strategies that Work + CAFE)

    Third Grade Experience

  2. My subscription just ran out. I remember when I signed up and they sent me a beautiful bookmark and thank you note. It was so nice. It looks like we rely on the same materials to teach reading. I will say that I use the toolkit a lot throughout the year. If you haven't gotten the toolkit then you should definitely get it!! It is all non-fiction and goes right along with the rest of our materials. It has wonderful mini lessons!
    I have the Miller book maybe I should give it another run. We do the phonics dance in third grade at our school. I didn't do it justice this year so I'm going to be brushing up on that this summer.

  3. What a list, you're making me feel bad! :-) I should totally be reading some educational books instead of the silly chick lit I've been reading, right?? Ha! Seriously though, thanks for mentioning these, I'm going to check them out.


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